The SPiD-UP® Partnership Program

The program was created to enable connection with individuals and organizations who share in our  belief in a high performance and are excited to help develop and grow the project with their expertise, funds and other capabilities for a mutual benefit. SPiD-UP® partners are in several categories:

Content Partners
Content partners are organizations or individuals who provide content for the various components of the project including training workshops.  SPiD-UP® content typically covers such areas as Peak Performance, Self Esteem, Career Pathways, Spiritual Awareness, Inspiration, Recognition, Self-Knowledge etc. We are interested in individuals and organizations that can develop training programs to be delivered at our workshops, articles for our blog, videos for our YouTube/TV and other channels etc.

Media Partners
A media partner is an organization or individual who provides advertising and promotion support for the project and its various components. This may include owners of traditional media such as Radio, Tv, Press and outdoor as well as New Media platforms such as blogs, news sites and social media networks. Other platforms of similar nature will be considered.  

Event Partners
Event partners are individuals and organizations who have the mandate to organize SPiD-UP® events such as the training workshops in an allocated geographical area.

Venue Partners
A venue partner is an organization or individual who provides venue and facilities for workshops and other events. The ideal SPiD-UP® venue is a university lecture hall or a hotel conference room. Other facilities of similar nature will be considered.

Sponsoring Partners
A sponsoring partner is an organization or individual who provides funding and logistics for the whole or aspects of the workshops or the larger project. They are in several categories. More information

Investing Partners
Our investors are co-owners of the project and share in its profits. We are interested in co-vision bearers who are looking to do unusual things for very a high and unusual return on investment.

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