The Mini-College is the training unit of project SPiD-UP. The courses with their novel curriculum are a key component of the larger project. They are held periodically and targeted at each of the three bridges of the formal education system. They are delivered at our various learning centers across the continent.

SPiD-UP®| Prep™ –  Seeds of performance
The prep course is targeted at young people at the junior high school (JHS) and post JHS  level. It is a one day four module course designed to sow the seeds of performance and shapes the minds of students towards performance consciousness. It also prepares them for self-discovery which is at its zenith in the Senior High School years. Prep is a prerequisite for Discover

SPiD-UP®| Discover™ -Develop Awareness
The self-discovery years are very crucial for self-image formation and career decisions that will influence life performance. This has the most profound impact on occupational and life performance. In this one day four module course workshop aimed at the secondary to Tertiary bridge, students are taken through very deep probing exercises and provided with advance information that will help to define them with clarity whiles preparing them for engagement with industry. The curriculum includes;
Performance awareness
Critical thinking for performance
Career pathways
Spiritual intelligence I

SPiD-UP®|Engage™ – Maximize of Engagement
The third and most advanced course in the series is aimed at engagement and its maximization. It is for the post secondary, tertiary, post-tertiary and professional level. The expected outcomes included developing the individual into a high performing person who has a major influence on his or her environment. Curriculum includes;

Performance Literacy
Decisions making skills
High performance leadership
Spiritual Intelligence II

The goal of the entire curriculum is to help understand the place of performance and continuously conscientize and affirm it in the minds of participants in order to lift the overall output of the continent. It is important to note that the courses are not motivational speaking sessions but technical training programs with deep probing exercises that  force change.

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