Your challenges didn’t come to stay

Patience, persistence and perspiration makes an unbeatable combination for success. Stars are seen in the night not in the day. Your invisibility does not mean you are not existing, it means it is not time yet. Don’t fret, perseverance will see you through. Everyone faces challenges and difficulties in life. If you are going through a valley today, know that you are not alone. God is with you! He is working behind the scenes on your behalf, and He will carry you through. Remember, your challenges didn’t come to stay; they came to pass. Don’t get stuck in the valley by allowing your setbacks to become the focus of your life. Jesus endured the pain of the cross for the joy that was set before Him, and when you focus on your victory, you will be able to keep walking through your valley, too! Shake off bitterness and self-pity today and be determined to press forward. With God on your side, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. As you keep an attitude of faith and expectancy, your challenges will become easier, and you will move forward and live the life of victory God has in store for you. Good morning 🍌😃🍀🍏🥗🎄🍈⌚🍓🍇🐲
By Divine Kpetigo
©2017 Copyright Reserved

Your uniqueness, your primary identity

Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you really are. Never look down on your believes. Don’t be sidetracked by the naysayers in your life. The same type of seed may be sown on the same land, on the same day and even be harvested on the same day but one interesting fact is that their fruits are of different sizes and shapes. Even twins born on the same day, brought up on the same environment, do not think and behave the same way. We are uniquely made with particular traits, abilities and inabilities. Your uniqueness is your primary identity, learn to value and appreciate your uniqueness. Knowing who we are, is a step towards self acceptance and improvement of oneself. Accept yourself to root out the inferiority, jealousy, envy and hatred in you. You cannot be the other person, never allow the uniqueness of others make you devalue yourself. You are specially made, love and value yourself. Life is never an easy road, but alternative routes are always available when you feel lost. Always choose the right way. Good morning and have a blissful day💘🥗🍇🍄😄🎋🍋💙⌚🍌🥒🎄🍁
By Divine Kpetigo
©2017 Copyright Reserved

Call for Applications – Young Leaders for the SDGs

New York, 13 October 2017 – The United Nations Youth Envoy has announced the call for applications for the next class of Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals to unearth 17 of the world’s greatest young changemakers, innovators, and ground-breakers!

Who can apply?

Young people who are genuinely leading fantastic initiatives which support the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. They might be a chef, a designer, a campaigner or a blogger. They might know all about the Goals or nothing at all. The important thing is that they are leading an exciting initiative that helps to meet one of the Goals.

Young Leaders must be aged 18-30 by 31 December, 2017.

Successful candidates will be selected based on the following considerations:

  • Their demonstrated achievements in promoting and advancing sustainable development and youth participation;
  • Their personal influence within their respective fields and reputation for inclusive and innovative leadership;
  • The ability to command an audience, influence their contemporaries and inspire their constituents;
  • Their demonstrated integrity, commitment to the SDGs and core values of the UN

For further information, please read the announcement flyer.

Streetwise SME Seminar

The StreetWise! SMEs features young individuals who are filled with ideas and are blazing trails with their creativity and entrepreneurship, but lack the knowledge and skill to recognise and take advantage of relevant opportunities within their communities.
The CoinBox has put together a programme that seeks to groom these entrepreneurs by equipping them with the ABCs of starting up and running their own businesses. StreetWise! SME programme will also provide tools to help them deal with the potential difficulties they will face in business, through coaching.

This programme will equip the young entrepreneurs with  entrepreneurial skills, that will help bring their ideas to life and will be in 2 phases:

The StreetWise! SME Seminar

The StreetWise! Challenge

Whether all you’ve got is an idea or you already have a business up and running, and are looking to expand your market, StreetWise! is designed to take both individual entrepreneurs and teams through the process of building a viable company – from validating your concept to proving your business model in your industry or market.


StreetWise! SME Seminar

We have put together the StreetWise! SME Seminar to take participants through business planning, financial literacy, marketing and sales to make sure they are functionally correct and ready to help them streamline their business and raise the capital they need to move forward. Participants will gain practical experience in applying the knowledge acquired and further develop key skills and strategies to build successful businesses.

The scope and size of this workshop will enable unparalleled opportunities for learning, marketing and networking and will provide the chance for businesses to make valuable connections with consumers. The StreetWise! SME Seminar will be a day’s event to share insights from leading experts in entrepreneurship as well as innovative young disruptors who are changing the dynamics of enterprise in Ghana.

StreetWise! Challenge

The StreetWise! Challenge business competition and acceleration program for entrepreneurs is designed to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, grow jobs through startups, and increase awareness of the resources available to grow young entrepreneurs in Ghana. It is a competition for start ups and young apprentices and is open to any type of business idea. The StreetWise! Challenge is geared towards contributing to the alleviation of poverty by making entrepreneurship a sustainable solution to unemployment  in Ghana.

The Challenge is the first of a quarterly event by CoinBox. It is a competitive acceleration process that teaches, coaches, mentors, networks, and connects entrepreneurs to the knowledge and resources they need. Prospective entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging companies showcase and develop their business concepts while competing for prizes. The Challenge provides workshops and mentoring to support the founding, funding and growth of new and innovative businesses. The Challenge empowers entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas effectively to investors, customers and employees.

KofiTV is Giant Slayer

There are some things you don’t see every day. One of those is the slaying of giants by “minnows”. In my rather long article slaying giants, I try to make this point in more detail. This week however, I witnessed the slaying of many giants at a go. Another inspiring story of how the absolutely nobody appears on the scene and takes the giants of an industry by surprise. Every credible giant slaying story must go past Jack and his beanstalk and start at David. This is what team SPiD-UP witnessed this week when supposed minnows of the media took everyone including the major players by surprise. All we could see is the smoke and the tail lights disappearing in the distance.

At the Angie Hill Hotel in affluent East Legon, a plethora of stars and influential personalities gathered to celebrate Kofi Tv’s one year anniversary. Not something you hear every day from a company that delivers only over the internet. In a touching speech before a fantastic performance, the indefatigable gospel artist OJ made a touching speech about how Kofi Tv started with shots from a mobile phone. Nobody took them seriously at the time but within a year they have become a worldwide brand. Now if you know anything about the media business in Ghana, it is highly competitive to the point; full TV stations can barely break even. Having toured most of Europe doing interviews with Ghanaians all over, Kofi Tv reminds us of greetings from abroad except with more verve and grit.

But giant slayers are no ordinary folks. They are people who have through circumstances found the proverbial power within and put it work while functioning below the radar. Before Goliath, David had slayed bears and lions—more than enough training and experience needed to ground an uncircumcised Philistine. Kofi TV might be just a year old but not its people. Lead man Kofi “Owawani” Adomah had been a hard hitting newsman at Adom for years. He therefore brings a knockout punch kind of gravitas with him as he teamed up with a great crew lead by ace cameraman Paa Kow Ackom. That’s what happens when you get the team right. These guy have virtually dominated social media with live transmissions from some corner of the planet every other day ahead of the industry leaders. Exactly how this is possible is puzzling but it glows unconventional thinking and creativity—something that currently appears lacking in the media space.

The versatility of the production team was on full display when they dragged the amazing Kofi Kludjeson of Kludjeson International fame out of God knows where to give a speech at the event and what a speech it was.  Mr. Kludjeson is known to have introduced the internet into Ghana in the 90s and therefore had a few things to say on the matter of internet broadcasting. He was delighted that things could come this far and proposed that along with the government’s one-district-one-factory agenda, they could tag along a one-district-one-wifi. This he said could enable young people to do more by taking advantage of the opportunities the internet presents. He cited Kofi TV as the perfect example of what could happen in as little a time as 1 year.

The event was witnessed by CPP presidential candidate Ivor Greenstreet and many other personalities from all sides of the political divide as well as regular Kofi TV and R&L show personalities like Counselor luttrodt, Rev. Nicholas Kumchacha, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, lady Ann (who wowed every one with a song ministration) and many others.

At the tail end of the event, the team led by Kofi Adomah unveiled the new face of Kofi TV. The show has been rebranded and given a facelift as they prepare for an amazing year ahead. It was a fantastic atmosphere as the show was hosted by Andy Dusty and the rather shocking Baba Spirit—an interesting personality who kept guest laughing till the very end. How a giant could be slayed is a huge matter for discussion. But like everyone knows, the internet is an open space where anything is possible. See what you can do within it and if you happen to want to slay a giant, be sure that it has been done before. Your task is now cut out for you. We look forward to your one year anniversary.

The Goalkeeper

Your dignity comes not from control, but from understanding who you are and taking your rightful place in the world. Life is like music. It has high notes and low notes and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. You can’t please all people all the time. Being a good person is like being a goalkeeper. No matter how many goals you save, people will still remember only the one goal you missed. Never worry about how ungrateful some people might be. Just maintain your focus. Obstacles do not have to stop you. If you run into a wall, never give up. Figure out how to climb, or work around it. Learn from a candle which burns itself, lightening the ways of others. Live in such a way that even if you die, you’ll always be alive in the great memories of others that appreciate things. In everything you do, consider the end. It’s unwise to gain temporary pleasure at the expense of lasting joy.The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you will need for tomorrow. Never give up in life.

By Divine Kpetigo ©2017. Copyright Reserved

Coaching profession takes roots in Ghana


Although fairly new, coaching is an extremely fast growing profession around the world. It is now classified among the high earning professions especially in the USA. A Pricewaterhouse Coopers study commissioned in 2007 by the International Coach Federation found that part-time coaches averaged annual salaries of $26,000 and full-time coaches were averaging $82,000. Most professional coaches charge fees in the range of $150/month to $400/month for a package of 3 scheduled sessions per month. A very manageable caseload for a full-time coach is around 25 clients per month. Gross income projections can therefore be estimated by multiplying the number of clients desired by fees within that range taking local economics into consideration. Twenty-five clients, for example, at $250/month generate $75,000/year. Twenty-five clients at $350/month is $105,000. Even when those Dollar signs are replaced with Ghana Cedi signs, it is still fantastic earning for asking questions for a few hours a day. Coaches who specialize in executive, corporate and leadership coaching often charge considerably more ($600 to $1,000+/month), but prospective coaches are however, encouraged to make conservative projections when considering the field and take their local economy into consideration.

But just how important are coaches and why do they get paid so much? To understand this one must first consider the fact that; the most successful people you see around doing great things have personal coaches you don’t know about. Most coaches don’t mind being the power behind, it’s the nature of the job. As Ghana’s foremost performance coach Katey Aklie puts it; “our job is to get others to reach their aspirations; that is how we achieve our dreams”. Some of the aspirations they want to reach are billion dollar ventures. consider the following cases:
Case 1: Imagine if you run a business worth $20 million that is under performing because of two or three key people. You are loosing money on a daily basis because of these two. A coach comes along and gets them to start ticking and your earnings for the year quadruples because of improved performance. What would that be worth to you and your organization? Wouldn’t you give 10% of your 20 million for that kind of results?
Case Two: Your teenage son is lives in the F zone at school and you are worried he will never make university. You have tried everything and nothing has helped. A coach comes along and places him among the top five in his class. What will that do for his future and what monetary value will you place on that? There are parents who will give the world to have that kind of help; they just do not know who to turn to.


“Coaches work behind the scene; accepting your place as the power behind is the mentality you need to be a good coach. It is always about other people and their aspirations and never about you. You succeed only when others succeed”. –Katey Aklie

In Ghana the seeds have only just been planted and it is developing roots really fast. Internationally certified performance coach Katey Aklie, affectionately called HOPEMAN by most is the force behind this growth and he and his team estimates that Ghana alone needs about ten thousands coaches who will shape the destiny of this nation. He insists that our politicians, business people, professionals and everyone else are functioning around 30% of their true capacities. They could really benefit from the services of a coach by just spending an hour with him/her per month. Coaching will move them to the next level and that will reflect on the national output. He also believes that youth coaching is probably one of the most needed niches at this point if this nation is to have a better future. While he conceded that the general public is not used to the idea and do not know how to use coaches, he says that things are changing as more coaches are trained and. They will through their practice show everyone else the value of coaching. He said:

“It is like everything else, you have to start from somewhere but we are already alarmed at the level of change. The thing is that Ghana already has many people who call themselves coaches. The only problem is the lack of right skills to do the job so people can actually see the benefit of the service”.

Currently the focus is on training more coaches and guiding them into the new career area.

“We will open new options for revenue generation for counselors, teachers, pastors and other professionals who have the inclination to help people reach their best by simply retooling them with coaching skills. There are quite a few people who call themselves coaches without really understanding what is involved. Some think it is a cool tag for motivational speaking and going around telling people to do things no one knows will work.

The first training program is intended to certify all these folks who clearly have an interest and a passion to help people improve, put them into the new association and help them build their practices. This is the reason why the cost of training has been cut down by 50%. They will begin to make change as we certify and license them to start taking the profession to the next level.
The next training session begins on the 3rd of November. The five day training is collaboration between the Performance Academy and the OD institute–Africa’s only graduate School of Organizational Development headed by the world renowned OD consultant Prof. Noble Kumawu. Everyone with an interest in coaching or helping people to be their best (youth workers, teachers, pastors, counselors, managers and just about anyone) is invited to join the groundbreaking training program to prepare themselves for the coming flood of opportunities. Call 0201197700, 0268388560 for information on the training program.

Click here for more information and registeation

Join an European Army


According to Lt. Gen. Joseph Smith, out of total applicants of 46,124 who applied to be enlisted in the Ghana army in 2010, only 7,357 candidates were short listed from the mammoth pool. Out of that figure, only 1,200 were chosen from the previously short-listed applicants. The Ministry of Defense had stated that the candidates must be chosen from all the 10 regions, and gender balance observed. This affirmative action clause, positive as it may be, further narrows down that chances of getting enlisted.

A victim, Forgive Francis Amedeka said in 2006 when he graduated from the prestigious University of Ghana, himself and a few friends decided to try the Military Academy. After several attempts, it was shocking to hear one Colonel Kojo Damoah tell one of his friends that his “body configuration was not in proportion.” How ridiculous? “For me, I was told it was not a family business so I should retire home though I meet all requirements.”

Every year, a similar number apply to join the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) but out of the number only 1200 or even less make it. The rejects when they know what to do end up in other armies around the world where they can put their gifts and abilities to work. The story of Anthony Owusu is the classic example. In 1998, he was among over ten thousand applicants of that year. He had just graduated from the Cape Coast University with dreams to excel as a military officer. His whole life has been lived around this vision. He served in boys scout as a juvenile; he served in the cadet corps of Mfantepim College and Cape Coast University respectively. His national service after sixth form was with the Ghana armed forces. “Iron” as his friends affectionately called him has been involved in everything that required physical endurance and a militant persona. He has been deeply involved in two forms of martial arts namely; Taekwondo and Shotokan respectively. You could say he was born for the military life. One would imagine that entrance into the Ghana Armed Forces will be a walk in the park. Master Owusu was in for a surprise.
He was rejected for no clear reasons as was many others like him who felt their lives depend on a career in the Army. As Ghanaians, the GAF was the only hope for military career. Welcome to the never discussed conundrum concerning security services recruitment in Ghana. Many can identify with the story as it is not so different with the rest of our security agencies.

There are many reasons why most applicants are rejected and the issues are often beyond the applicants’ inability to meet the requirements. Among them is the fact that the GAF is among the smallest armies in the world and offer very limited opportunities career-wise. At a mere 13,500 active men and women, the GAF can only accept so many applications per year. The result is that even the most qualified will end up on the waiting list or get rejected completely. This one problem alone can derail one’s career and send them in the wrong direction leading to failure in life. High performance and the attendant success require one to function in an area where they are naturally gifted. Second to this is that there is little opportunity for even those who make the list.
Many armies around the world offer opportunities that dwarf what is offered by the GAF and other typical African armies. A good example is that the French Army provides five years contracts with educational opportunities that will put officers in good positions in any chosen industry when they choose to leave the arm at the end their contract. The upshot is that one could join the army with limited education, access educational opportunities from the army platform and probably end up with a master’s degree by the end of a five year contract in a typical case. Our hero is now Captain Owusu commanding a thousand men in a Special Forces unit of the US army. He now holds a master’s degree in the health sciences. He was not just lucky, he also found out what to do.

Recently, a Ghanaian born officer with the British Army was elevated to the prestigious position of equerry. He was the first black man to ever be appointed into the position. The Equerry’s work involves guarding the queen of England during meetings etc. Bigger armies with more resources at their disposal provide more opportunities to people from around the world who are interested in a military career. This also comes with citizenship status. Notable armies in Europe like France and Britain and the USA are in this category and have opportunities for applicants from specific countries. Ghana is one of such countries and Ghanaians have a good record with the UN and other armies around the world. It is perhaps important to emphasize that many countries in Africa do not make the list of eligible countries and this places Ghana in an advantageous position.

In Ghana Jam international Academy has introduced a program that enables participants to access the British and French armies among other things. For those who are interested, the process starts by attending free seminars that will provide prospective applicants with all the information and resources they need to begin the process. They are later put through a test program to ensure their eligibility. Between 2017 and 2018 Jam International aims at recruiting 500 persons into both the British and French army. Prospective applicants can call 0209606577 for more information on the program.

Concerning rebels and hummingbirds

hovering in mid-air

hovering in mid-air

The quintessential element of the rebel’s way is rebellion. The rebel therefore ceases to be a rebel when he stops rebelling. This idea is traceable to the immutable laws of nature herself: there is no room for stagnation and therefore “eternal vigilance” (i.e. continuous action) is required for simple continuous existence. Even the unprogressive must continue to do what they do albeit in the same old fashion to remain afloat.

The hummingbird is among the most interesting of our feathered co-inhabitants of the planet. Among its unique feature is the ability to hover in one spot by rapidly flapping its wings at the staggering 50 times per second creating the humming sound that gave it, its name. Generally, flight should mean covering distances which they do at 54km/h.  It takes effort to maintain one position and gives credence to the assertion; nature has no room for stagnation. Anything that stands still immediately begins to deteriorate. Leave your food there for too long and it begins to rot. Stagnant water in a matter of time becomes the habitat of undesirables. Attempt to hover mid-air without flapping your winds and you will fall flat on your face.

Change has been described as the only constant; nothing ever stays the same. To remain relevant one needs to be dynamic i.e. continue to change. This is the reason why a method or strategy that may have worked yesterday either needs to change completely today or improve. The case for innovation has never been clearer.

“Rebels” — those who defy the odds and shift paradigms in order to bring humanity to new thresholds are change makers. It may seem to the uninformed eye however, that once they have made the great change, the job is done. Not the case. Like the hummingbird they need to keep flapping their wings even if they want to stay where they are—“maintain balance”. This idea is very evident in the work of innovators of our time. Any Facebook user will tell you how dynamic the website has been over the years. It is not enough that Zuckerburg was able to get billions of people to subscribe to the service by providing them with irresistibly appealing software that literally hooks the user in record time. He needed to do more if he was going to maintain the spot and this he and his team does effectively. To do this, the rebel will need the support of a team of disciples who share in this passion of consistent rebelliousness. A team that have bought into the idea of consistently changing and innovating. This explains why Facebook is rumored to have over seven hundred developers who are continuously finding better ways to do things on the site. Team work is key at this point to maintain balance.

Not too long after the Facebook success, Google the giant in the land with its huge database of users tried to wrestle the market out of the hands of Zuckerburg and his team. This was supposed to be an easy task for Google who already had the advantage of a database full of extremely satisfied users on its Gmail system. Something kept Facebook ahead regardless. It is the ability to adopt, innovate and respond to changing trends—often setting new ones. Google itself has showed that building and maintaining a highly innovative team was how you stay in the lead. It is how they slayed Microsoft the giant.

The likes of Zukerburg and Jobs must be a restless bunch. Anyone who has seen the Jobs movie knows about his insatiable need to innovate and create products that set the trends, change the game and lead the market. Such persons may be problematic to all of us in more than one way (they are rebels after all) but are also pivotal to the growth of our civilization. Jobs was a very team dependent rebel although there are questions about his people management skills.

Maintaining the balance once you have broken a barrier may not be an easy task unless innovation is in one’s DNA. Without that, the rebel soon becomes the ordinary. For once the game changes, it becomes the new normal in a matter of time. It will take another rebel to bring things to the next level. To remain relevant, rebels continue to innovate, grow, and break new grounds. To do that they need a team of rebels. This is life’s own little law. Anything that remains stagnant begins to deteriorate. The hummingbird’s ability to hover in the same spot comes from that flapping of its wing. Zuckerburg’s ownership of the social media sphere has everything to do with continuous rebelliousness. Steve Jobs has an insatiable need to innovate and is very team dependent. Samsung appears to have learnt this rule very well. Google have remained at the top after they changed how we use search engines and electronic mail—they have one of the most innovative teams in the world. It is the very nature of their being and it keeps them ahead. If you are reveling somehow, make sure you have the rebel gene.

Why you need a brand ambassador 

A brand ambassador is a person who is engaged by a company/brand to promote the brand – giving it more visibility, value, and reach to increase the Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Branding and marketing have evolved over the years with technology and speed of change and innovation, which has influenced the way brands do interact with consumers and other businesses to properly position their brands. The reason why brand ambassadors are very much needed to help promote, educate and share in the brand’s success.

Here are some reasons why you need brand ambassadors:

1.    Lead Generation:

Brand ambassadors serve as leads for your brand, they help bring in more customers. An effective brand ambassador stands the chance of bringing in more business than adverts.

2.    Human Connection:

The truth is that people buy into people. People tend to believe more, what their friends tell them about a product/service than the media/ads. Brand ambassadors help to bring the human touch to your brand; they help build a more personal relationship with consumers thereby making the brand more lovable.
3.    Loyal Customers:

An effective brand ambassador becomes more loyal to your brand because they believe and like your products, they become your first consumers (paid or free). In effect, they also use their influence to lead others to become loyal to the brand.

4.    Reputation:

Your brand reputation is critical to the survival and success of your brand. Your brand ambassadors go out there to protect your brand and ensure that your brand is seen in a more positive light. They can quickly and easily correct misconceptions about your brand.
5.    Wider Reach:

You can’t be everywhere at the same time. This is what your brand ambassadors do; they represent you at places that you can’t be. They become your mouthpiece; they help spread your brand wider to their circles of influence.
6.    Go Viral:

Viral reach here implies getting loads of word-of-mouth for your products by your brand ambassadors either online or offline. Imagine a social media influencer as your brand ambassador tweets or shares about your brand, its effect is huge. Having an influential brand ambassador mentioning or wearing your product on a popular TV show stands the chance of reaching far more people than advertisements.
7.    Feedbacks:

As I say, ‘feedbacks are a brand’s way of looking back’; your brand ambassadors will largely have their ears on the ground to provide you with feedbacks to help enhance your brand. Though all feedbacks may not be positive, they will help you shape your brand, innovate where necessary to produce better tailor-made services to clients.


HYPERLINK “https://www.bkc.name” Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer, Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana.

He is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at

“https://www.bkc.name/consulting” BKC Consulting with over 10 years of experience in digital publishing, has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He is an Amazon bestselling author of over 30 published books. He is a familiar face on GTV and other TV stations where he shares his ideas on branding and strategy. His ideas and perspective on branding is touted as unconventional and revolutionary and has won him many admirers including Seth Godin.

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