Project SPiD-UP® releases Discover™ at Ahenfie

Discover™, the groundbreaking Peak Performance training program was released by CSD-Africa (the organization behind Project SPiD-UP®) in partnership with the Christian Leadership College of RoyalHouse Chapel International at the Judah Temple of RCI on the 10th of September, 2016.

In an event held in honour of The Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, Apostle General of Royal House Chapel International, over a hundred persons were taken through the two-day Program that featured; Performance Awareness, Self Esteem, Critical Thinking, Career Pathways and Spiritual Awareness. Crowning the event was the official launch of the SPiD-UP® Performance Recognition Program during which several personalities were recognized for their performance in various areas. Project lead Markus Katey in an interview with the press said project SPiD-UP® was created to solve the performance problem of the continent by developing high performance consciousness through various vehicles. The SPiD-UP® Mini-College, through which Discover ™ I & II and other programs will be delivered, is the vehicle through which the training objectives of the project will be carried out. He explained that
Discover™ is the first of five peak performance focused programs that will be delivered.


The program, driven by a lot of reasoning, is designed to shape the thoughts of students of the Mini-College into performance conscious persons who will influence any group they find themselves in with high performance. Mr. Markus Kennedy Katey, who is a performance coach and a minister of the Gospel, explained that Christ commanded his followers to be light of the world and salt of the earth. He said a true follower of Christ astonishes others with what they do as Jesus did in his ministry. Christ he said was a high performing individual given what he accomplished over the three year period in which he ministered. Being ordinary or average is therefore in violation of this command. He also said that anyone who is familiar with the truism “as a man thinketh, so he is” will agree that human behavior begins with thought. Human reasoning, he said is key among God’s gifts to mankind and makes all the difference between what is human and what is not. Because of this the program employs a lot of reasoning.

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He pointed out that; while there are many high performing personalities on the continent, the average African does not appear to have the required character traits and mentality that makes a high performing personality. Explaining the concept of modelling, he cited the Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah as the perfect example of the salt and light personality and explained that an understanding and emulation of the character traits of such persons could be of great benefit to any person who decides to rise above average.

He announced that while Discover™  I and II will be available to the general public for free across the continent eventually, it is currently available in three partner locations in Accra i.e.; Christian Leadership College (RCI) in Kaneshie, Jam International Academy in Dansoman and Lifetime Empowerment Center in Ashongman Estate.

He concluded that in order to reach the set objectives of the project, the training programs will be free for all to attend at the nearest location and at their convenience since it is paid for by donor and sponsoring partners. He said “we are happy to partner with individuals and organizations who are excited about the future of Africa and are willing to contribute to shaping it as we are at CSD-Africa”. He acknowledge contributors to the development of Discover™ which include Snr. Min. Isaac K. Yawson; lecturer, management consultant and organizational behavior expert, Jennifer Agyeman; NLP Practitioner and image consultant and Rev. Sally J. Armah; Theologian and lecturer.

He finally threw an open invitation to all educational institutions and the general public to participate in the programs for a better Africa.

PESC 2016 at hand

Last year our very own Shakiru Akinyemi aka the Shakmellon was at PESC’15. He filed this tastefully detailed report that almost captured everything that was said at the event. We are especially excited about PESC because we believe entrepreneurship can eliminate poverty from the continent. High Performance in entrepreneurship can definitely do even more. We have to have entrepreneurs but we have to have results producing high performing entrepreneurs who can take us to the next level.  PESC is promising in this regard.

There are many entrepreneurship events in town these days. But they are not all the same. For any event like this one to be useful, two factors must be considered. Content; what is being said and who is saying it. The second is structure; how has the event been organized and how is it being delivered—this influences participant experience. The participant must leave feeling inspired and eager to start something.

PESC has achieved this consistently for the last three years. It is for this reason that we recommended the program to all entrepreneurs and even those who are waiting to make the jump.

Project SPiD-UP® supports PESC ’16. We think you should too.

Miriam’s Career Fair

The Enquiry Agency begun in the year 2013. As a student I always wanted to study tourism however my dad mistook it for hospitality management and I wasn’t allowed to read it. Gradually upon interaction with an aunt my love for procurement was kindled. Based on this experience the Enquiry Agency was born. What if I had received the opportunity to interact with anybody in the area of tourism? Perhaps I could have read tourism and lived my dream. Every 4 years students all over Ghana are faced with this challenge. Sometimes young people have little knowledge about the areas we have interest in. The Enquiry Agency seeks to give every student the opportunity to interact with people who are successful in the areas the student seems to have interest in. 
Sometimes these students are given the opportunities to volunteer. Are we going to give up on our dreams just because are local universities do not find our grades worthy of programs we have interest in? Why do we then give up? We give up because like any normal student we are scared; scared because we have no idea as to where to go or who to look up to in our areas of interest. If only we have the opportunities to interact with people who were once like us but yet against all odds run after their dreams, we will be inspired to do same. Come join us at the career fair on the 9th of April 2016 Grab a ticket :0248165851/0206080406
Team SPiD-UP considers this program a very useful one for young people to gain some knowledge of industries they might be interested in. This will help shape their thoughts and influence their choices for life towards a better Africa. We encourage you to participate.
Markus Kennedy Katey- Project lead

The Spousal Influence on existence

A lot has been said about the spousal influence on the possibility of the maximization of existence. This is a natural course of reasoning if one premises that everything we prefix with the “MY” is either an asset or liability—something that either aids or sabotages the cause. If this is the case, then the choice is of great importance as spouses are to be life partners. Perhaps the single most important decision after purpose is that of the partner with which the mission must be accomplished. As we all know, two heads are better than one and two people pushing the same cart in one direction provides an overall better output than one person. But this is only if they are in agreement of course.

From the man’s perspective, the woman is to be a helper (as far as Christian thought goes). But does that imply that the woman must not have aspirations of her own? Why then will God give the woman dreams too? So lets face it; the questions have not all been answered. People are often more attracted to the things of little value considering their own aspirations. Let me clarify that quickly before I send you on a trajectory of confusion. Some people have said that men are attracted to what they see, so they tend to want the most beautiful woman around and they may not be the best choice. Now if this is the case, then we have a problem. Even the most beautiful flower withers at some point. Women in this sense then become useless when they loose their glamour. Luckily beauty has also been said to lie in the eyes of the beholder. Is this really true that what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another? This is also another problem to solve? Are the proponents saying that you and I can’t booth look at a Rolls Royce Phantom and agree on it’s beauty? Or is there a possibility that we can disagree on Joslyn Dumas’ hips as an outstanding work of God?

There are many more questions that need to be resolved in spite of the many we think we already have answers to. A friend told me recently that his idea of a good woman is one who is capable of taking initiatives. He gave 25% for looks, 25% for character and 50% for intellect. I thought that was interesting given my friend is a minister in training and hence very active in the church. But control my big mouth I did. Minutes later he came back with “well she also has to be spiritual” without stating what percentage that was to be. You may start worrying for his wife to be at this point. The truth is that we don’t always know what we want any more than what is good for us. A lot of the things men accuse women of are really human problems more than women problems. As a man I know from experience that my male friends have deserted me when I was down quicker than my female friends. The case is true the other way around. Perhaps instead of looking at the world through gender-filtered eyes we are better of looking at it through moral-filtered eyes. There are good people and not so good people—simple.

So lets admit it, we haven’t got all figured out. Not even us ministers. One thing is for sure, the person you choose to carry out your quest for maximization of your existence with must help your cause or you can forget it. I don’t know what whether it is beauty or intellect you need and I am willing to wager that you don’t either. Whether you are male or female won’t matter much if you threw in the idea of shared aspirations. Partners at home and partners at work? Well…the term is life partner and life encapsulates all aspects of your existence. I believe this is the working model but what do I know, many times I failed to get it right myself. I can tell you one thing for sure, people change.

A lady friend who was desperately looking for marriage at some point, later described herself as a single mom by choice. Many women are resorting to having children for men they have no intention of marrying. Others think, they are safer sharing another woman’s husband. Hopefully, like me these issues confuse you enough to want to hear what mentor and seasoned counsellor C J Buckman and his team has to say at the WHY AM I STILL SINGLE summit on the 6th and 7th of November 2015/ The event is supported by Joy FM, Hitz FM and SPiD-UP.COM and you my friend, are invited.

Tema Youth to challenge the status quo at TYES15

TEMA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT 15 is by far the biggest motivational and inspirational gathering in Tema. It brings together youth from all over the city and beyond, equip and empower them to succeed. Only in the second year the maiden edition saw over hundred young people from schools, churches and social clubs as participants; some of who are doing well in different spheres of life currently.
This year’s edition under the theme “CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO” is aimed at helping the youth to explore career opportunities and reduce unemployment in the city. It is also aimed at challenging young people to take full responsibility for their growth and development.
With confirmation of participation from schools, churches and individuals on the rise daily it is of no doubt that this edition is going to be bigger and better. It has attracted support from prominent individuals in the city most especially Hon. ISAAC ASHAI ODAMTTEM; METROPOLITAN CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF TEMA.
Some topics to be treated include career excellence, leadership, entrepreneurship, starting right, financial management, social capital and personal development. Speakers include Conrad Kakraba, Jeremiah Buabeng, Benjamin Ashitey Amarh, Cephas Adjei Mensah, Davis Kwabena Borti and Joseph Bright Tay(host).
We can’t afford to perform below the bar, we are challenging the status quo to transform Tema, Ghana and Africa at large.
Date: 10th October, 2015
Venue: Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Emmanuel Congregation, Tema New Town.
Time: 10 AM.
TYES15…… challenging the status quo.
Come one, come all to be inspired and empowered to succeed. See you there!!!!!

CXC finally releases Street Smart Selling

The Customer Experience Consortium (CXC), a business consultancy specialising in the training of sales and customer service staff is organising yet another exciting training seminar for businesses all over the country.

TheSTREET SMART SELLING SEMINAR (LEVELS 1 & 2) is facilitated by renowned sales and service coach, J. N. Halm, the author of the very popular “CUSTOMER ROMANCE” book, supported a cast of seasoned trainers and consultants. It is a must-attend for all sales and marketing professionals who seek to master the art of selling.

This training seminar will empower sales and marketing staff with the necessary strategies, skills and techniques to better sell their products and/or services.
After this seminar, you will close more deals and make more money!  
Some of the modules to be treated include:
  • The Service-Dominant Selling Approach: What is it?
  • Service-Dominant Selling and the Performance Theory
  • Mastering the Sales Process
  • Smart Prospecting Strategies that get great results
  • Presenting Solutions: How to Tell a Good Story
  • Closing Deals as a Service-Dominant Seller

Further Details:
Fees: GH¢ 199.99 for One Level  GH¢ 350.00 for Both Levels
(Special discounts for group registration)
Venue: Sunlodge Hotel, Tesano – Accra                    
 Date: 19th September and 26th September, 2015                   
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm                                    
Call: 020 758 5171 / 030 3939453

Free Workshop: Introduction to Peak Performance

It is a known fact that the continent is suffering from a quality human capital deficiency– people are not functioning at their best. The question is; why. And so we ask a lot of questions. For the most part people do not know why. They just simply don’t know better and most people are not conscious of their performance. The result is that organisations and nations are not function at their best and the reason is simple. People make organisations and nations; they are the most valuable assets of any group and when they are at their best the group is at its best.
In our quest to solve this problem and as a part of our social responsibility the CSD is now providing a free monthly workshop in various locations across the continent. Our objective is to train some 500 young people (every month) between ages 18 and 30 on what it means to be one’s best and how it can be attained.
To participate in the program, email the message
“I want to learn peak performance” with your
your name, phone number and location to and we will send details
or call 0268 388 560 for assistance

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