4 TRAITS of Powerful Personal Brands


Influential personal brands have a clear purpose, which is the most important pillar of powerful brands —for without purpose and a clear direction of your life, brand and business, you will be building a fake brand.

The purpose should speak clearly to your promise of value. Your USP — Unique Selling Proposition.


  1. INNOVATIVESuccessful personal brands are agile, they are innovative and they are adaptable to change. They understand that brands and consumers do evolve so they adjust to the changing trends and times while staying relevant.“Innovation and technology drives my business” – Selorm A. Betepe 
  2. AUTHENTICInfluential personal brands understand that the best way to succeed is just being themselves. The world is tired of celebrities who ain’t themselves, they soon fade. Be your best self.“Remember it’s OK to be yourself.” – Richard Branson

You must be different to stand out!
The most powerful personal brands are the difference makers, they just don’t fit in, they break rules and set new standards. They have the philosophy of trail-blazers – either they are the first or among the best. Simply Creative!

“…purge mediocrity” – Nana K. Duah

Bernard Kelvin Clive  Personal Branding Coach/Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author of thirty published books. Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana.

10 Branding Tips for CEOs

To begin with note that where the CEOs personal vision doesn’t align with the company’s vision the brand will eventually fail.

1. You are the first brand ambassador of your firm

2. Your personal brand is as important as your corporate brand

3. Communicate your brand’s value in simple English. (Simplify) succinctly

4. Wear your brand daily

5. Find out how consumers perceive your brand

6. Know what people like most and dislike about your brand

7. Invest in Employer Branding

8. Never neglect Social Media as part of your brand LinkedIn is a MUST for CEOs)

9. Your private and public life are interrelated as long as you are the head.

10. Stay transparent, stay trusted!

Bernard Kelvin Clive is Personal Branding Coach/ Amazon bestselling author of “How to Repair Your Broken Brand & Manage Your Reputation” plus over twenty-five published books.

How Startup Brands Can Survive in the Digital Disruptive Age

The four C’s that SMSs and Startup Brands must utilize to make it in this age;

1.      Content: you must have content, as it’s said “content is king”, however not just any content, you must have relevant content which your audience will crave for, that meets their needs.

Your content must be timely; there is nothing worse than dead news, so ensure that you deliver your content when it’s needed. You need content that has been tested and trusted; the fact that content is required doesn’t imply throwing unverified, untrusted information out there.

2.      Connection: the first stage is to have relevant, trusted, timely content. The next step is to build meaningful connection with your audience; that is your market, fans and followers. Businesses thrive on relationships. Take time to build key relationships. Having great content that doesn’t resonate with your audience is futile, so by constantly engaging with your audience you will better understand their needs and wants which will enable you provide tailored made solutions for them.

3.      Contacts: from your connection you step up your game by establishing key contacts; connecting with influential people who can help push your business/brand to the next level. Some of them are the gatekeepers in the industry which you seek to penetrate, without them it will be difficult to breakthrough such barriers. Your contacts are the people who have the ability and capacity to help you in various ways. They are influential in their various fields. Take time to make such contacts.

4.      Contracts: your contacts should enable you get other clients, repeat business, and contracts. This is the last stage of the process of sustaining your business/brand in this age. Businesses exist to make profit (whatever that means to your business). Most often than not, it’s your contacts that will lead you to your contracts. That is to say your key relationships/influencers are the ones who will bring business to you. If you build this properly, your business will thrive, if not you will be firing arrows without hitting your target.

In conclusion, take note that big brands can readily afford mass media promotion to compete with price but as a small business owner and startup, focus on delivering outstanding offer with excellent customer experience to win. To survive in business today requires that you keep this cycle running constantly; to have something of value to offer – content, to build a bridge with your content – connection, to connect with key influencers – contacts, to get income coming through them – contracts.

Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Amazon bestselling author of REBRAND: The Ultimate Guide to Personal & Corporate Branding & Rebranding, and over twenty-five published books. A Personal Branding Coach, Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting. He has consulted for and helped hundreds of authors locally and internationally to self-publish books and build author brands. Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 iTunes ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana. 

Are You Walking In Shoes That Don’t Fit?

We live in a confused world where our everyday lives seem to be dictated by a bunch of other confused sapiens. The media is their primary means of pushing their ideas on us without giving us the luxury of time to decide whether we love their propositions or not.

You feel lonely? Naa, that’s a bad way to feel. Watch Television, have Sex, try all dating sites. You feel depressed? That’s devilish. It’s time to pay attention to antidepressants ads calling. Day in and day out our lives are directed by the masses, who, possibly lost, are also finding themselves. Celebrities teach weird love mantras, a lot fall for it yet they themselves fail in their marriages and soon you gonna do too.

Education won’t permit risk, how dare you try to disagree with Newton. No more curiosity. Where is the Magic? No more self passion because it seems the world has an already made manual for you wrapped in religious, cultural and race excuses. You are Christian and that’s it, that’s how far you can go.

No black folk can do that, No, let me take it again. Black folks aren’t supposed to do that! (and I am talking about success and progress). My ideas are gonna sound weird and like I always say anybody can misquote me or disagree with me.

We are all here on a short visit. Find your voice. Don’t let the masses always speak for you. Find your solitude; sometimes you just don’t need people. Make mistakes, you are human and you are the author of your own manual. This way, you will know for yourself what works and what does not work for you.

Pursue fulfillment and happiness, make a map, pull out your compass and patiently search for what will make you happy. You are not here for anybody. You are here to represent you as a single individual. Our lives are interconnected with others. Find the link where you fit in. Have regular fellowships with those who motivate you to be better. Forget the rest.

You don’t understand something, go find out yourself. Read, Read, and Read. You see a post or article somewhere, sit your ass down and read it. It doesn’t hurt to add more information to what you already know. Give way to questions, yes question nature, and question the universe.

Question God! 

Let them feel your roar! Don’t settle for just anything. Pick yourself up when you fall. Take a hand when you are given. Someday you gonna look back on every single moment of your life. A lot of things might not be right but your life was changing and that’s what living is. It’s only the dead who have no chance to try it again. People are going to touch a place in your heart deeper than you thought you possessed.

They gonna leave all sorts of beautiful and nasty things, smiles, tears, grief, happiness, pain. That’s just a limited amount of our true selves’ emotions evolving out of our soul. We are made with a bigger capacity to accommodate intense emotions, made with a rocket of self desires that shoot up there, touches the core of the universe and explodes. Bam!

Like the big bang’s theory. Shake the universe a little and send waves and signals to every creature on earth announcing your existence. Take it. Take time while you have it and let things work out for themselves. Wait till you see how much more deeply you can love and live it. Don’t go too far in your search for God. He’s right there inside you and he doesn’t wanna live in there like ‘man’ who comes and goes.

God reside in you as you. Don’t spend all your life on Facebook looking for pretty faces to send friend request and start calling them baby and cutie. I am not your baby. I am not your cutie. I am a young fellow going somewhere and I want only like-minded crazy ‘misfits’ to run along with. Men who gonna break the rules and do simple things in an extraordinary manner.

If you are not convinced and still want to call me baby, then man you gonna have to bring some pretty good sense to the table and we gonnasolve problems together and make this world a better place. Do you know just what I am gonna do? I am gonna live life like a ‘motherf**ker!’ Screw the laws (ha! Not the good ones though) I’m gonna live like a hustler and you think that’s a strong word? Ask google- Intensely energetic and enthusiastic person, I’m gonna live like a dynamo. I mean I’m gonna be that crazy enough to chase my dream, oh no that’s mediocrity.

It might run ahead of me. I’m gonna catch up with my dream, get hold of it, swallow into my belly and then take full charge.  I’m gonnarun as far as I can go with it. I’m gonnacross rivers, climb mountains, jump over hills. I’m gonna be a genius in my own way.

I’m gonna be the world’s greatest.

Live fully.

The writer, Josephine Amofaah Nketiah can be reached directly at She blogs at

A Night changed everything

It all began that night from a simple question a guy asked in a Whatsapp group of which I am a member.  “Supposing your best friend whom you chat with very often, almost every day suddenly stops contacting and chatting with you. You asked him or her and suddenly the response is that big excuse, ‘busy!’ How would you take that?

I read quite a lot of comment that were contributed by other members and finally decided to add mine, something that has sprung out of my own experience.

Sometimes we become sentimental in friendship. We do more and so we expect the other person to do more too. We love more, and so we yell at the other person to do same. None of these cravings are bad in themselves but the truth is, achieving them is close to impossible.  

We can’t force people to reciprocate love to us in the same magnitude we showed to them.  I have come to realize, that, quite often all these begin to happen and if we can be truly honest with ourselves, it all begins when one party cannot seem to draw the line between normal friendship and a state of admiration or let me put it simply “when we begin to fall in love with our friends”

People need space no matter what and when they ask for it, give it to them. Hand them their space. We must be smart to know when they ask for it indirectly.

Remember that your friends’ worlds are not revolved around “you” alone. They have a big world of other friends, family, work, happiness, quietness, and so we can’t always have their attention exclusively.

Feelings are visitors. Let them walk in and walk out. Let them come and go. Quite interestingly, the very start of a friendship is sweet and interesting but when time and space begins to pass through, it becomes rough because, perhaps, we become tired of doing the same things over and over again.

Rather, stop complaining, let the person be, do as much as you are required (welcomed) to and just be you. Honestly, we all can’t be heroes in friendship, thus, we must know and define the limits of every friendship.

Our issue usually is that, sometimes with all our effort we desire to make some people “best friends or close friends” when they were just okay been friends. The fact that you told someone every detail about your life, even your greatest secrets, doesn’t automatically make them your “best friends”.

 I figured out that, sometimes, we are too quick to open up, mind you, not all openness means an outstretched hand of a life time friendship. Some people will like to listen to you but they can’t fix your issues, they can’t protect you and may not be the persons to make you happy, they are not bad people, it only means they cannot walk afar into our hearts.

That’s it, because, as we age, our priorities begin to shift and change and we become just too busy. That saying ‘if people love you they will make time for you’ has proven true over a life time.

Last month I found myself in a disagreement with a friend over the same issue. I sat down to analyze the situation carefully and I realized that i needed to know my limit in people’s life; I needed to understand how much of me they were willing to take and keep.

It was absolutely okay if they didn’t need me too much. It was even okay if they did and yet couldn’t prove it, it never meant there was something wrong with them or me. It is just as it is. As long as I was concerned I needed self-respect too, if they needed rest and space, I should be willing to grant it! If they were okay with us talking every year, so be it! I just had to define the friendship. (I must admit it was a painful process because it changed my perception about others and the fact that we have to be moderate in our expectation of others. And here I was, a sanguine lady, I had began to open up a little, just so little though.

Trust me people come in big surprises. Sometimes, they are quick to welcome you and then you begin to trust them, then, you become vulnerable and that is when they lose sight of your worth and unconsciously, sometimes consciously, they begin to take every bit of it for granted.

Who said change was wrong anyway? Often, we become a lot of different people before we settle into who we finally become. It gets scary to know who we have finally become, so toughened at heart that we can’t feel deeply anymore just because we are scared of being hurt again, that one too was okay.  Gradually, we become tired of being the “sentimental freaks” as we come to accept that, the compass to our emotional landscape does not always have to be directed to some particular persons anymore.

I hated this change but a lot of times I had no option, I wish I knew a better way and I realize I may have to lose a lot more friends because I prefer to enjoy that pure and genuine solace; my own place of quietness away from the world where I can totally transcend to find Love in my own self, where I could only believe my own mantra  ‘I will always love you’

With these experiences translated into words, I can say that mostly, it’s difficult to define the boundaries of friendship between a male and a female at a particular point in time  (not all the time though) and the challenge is when we can’t tell where friendship ended and love began, and as long as we can’t determine where we really want to belong, we will keep searching for love in different places.

The writer, Josephine Amofaah Nketiah lives in Accra, Ghana. She can be reached directly at She blogs at 

Capability the engine

If you are not new to my ramblings about performance, then you probably already know what role occupation plays in the quest for maximization of existence or peak performance for that matter. In uptimetrics, we describe it as the vehicle that must transport the agent to the set destination. From a practical viewpoint, destination is the goal a person sets for their existence (it is the ultimate determinant of a maximized existence). It answers the question; what one thing must you achieve for you to say you have given your best in life.

The description of occupation as a vehicle automatically proposes the need for an engine; a vehicle cannot move without a source of energy. That engine is capability. Capability for our purposes can be said to have four main cylinders—Talent, Skill, Interest and Traits. It is when these cylinders are well aligned and are all firing at their full capacities that the vehicle moves at full power. The importance of firing at full power is based on the premise that time is the only known unit for measuring existence and maximization of existence relies heavily on its optimum use.  

What you do + Quality(quality+quantity) of what you do / the length of Time in which you do it =Performance

Ok don’t let the math frighten you. I am not good at it ether. This simply means you have given it your best possible shot. The extension of this formula is the comparison to the best in the field but I shall desist from exploring that since that discussion is beyond the scope of this article. I am actually avoiding the Ecclesiastes 9:11 fanatics…for now. 😉

As a general rule however, the faster the vehicle the more likely it is for the goal to be reached and the less the time this is likely to be done in. Since one does not have the luxury of eternity, at least in this existence as we know it, it counts that you take the time factor into consideration and this depends directly on the power of your engine—capability. What can you do in a day? Not many of us have answered that question but a careful analysis will reveal that it is that simple answer, too often very hard to produce that will shape your whole existence.

Anyway, as you may already know, a well-oiled, well-functioning engine is critical for overall performance. Yet it is not the only determinant. It must be steered in the right direction and stopped when necessary. These two elements ensure that the capability engine remains an asset. A high performance vehicle is a death-trap without a good breaking and control system. There is an axiom for this; Great power must come with great responsibility. But that’s not the end of the story; there are also matters regarding weights or baggage (how much you are carrying along) which must be shed so the power of the engine is allowed to be what it really is. 

For a deeper understanding you need to read my theoretical foundation of peak performance which unfortunately is being rewritten at the moment—sorry. Stick around long enough and I might just give you a copy. In the meantime, spend some time thinking about your engine and how it is influencing your vehicle towards the possibility of maximizing your existence. #spidup

Motivation VS Inspiration

Do you find some things really effortless and other things needing you to push yourself, and really focus on staying on task to complete?… You do. Everyone does from time to time, in one sense or another, but why? What’s the difference?
Simply defined, motivation is driven from external forces- like expectations, deadlines, goals etc. Something that you don’t intrinsically have, or are driven for example you need to be ‘motivated’ to do it, whether you motivate yourself, or you have someone else motivate you, like a coach or mentor or friend or lover etc.  Inspiration comes from within, and is much more powerful as a driver for behavior and ultimately results, yet inspiration &/or motivation alone don’t equal results without action.
How many times have you had a fleeting moment of inspiration? An idea that at the time you had it, stirred up a deep positive feeling inside you, and in the next instant it was gone! Vanished into the depths of your biological filing system, no matter how hard you tried to recall it, you just couldn’t, and the harder you triedthe harder it was to recall, until you just moved on.
One of the biggest keys to a fulfilled life is to act on your inspirations, like the great artists, engineers, architects, authors, thinkers, doers, leaders & changers of our time did and do. All of these people were driven not by motivation, but by inspiration, or in other words their ultimate purpose, the thing that no one told them to do, and everyone said they would never be able to do.
If you get a bucket and put one crab in the bucket, the crab will crawl out of the bucket. The crab is instinctually inspired to get out of the bucket and back to the ocean floor, where it knows it belongs and loves to be. BUT, you put two crabs in the same bucket and neither crab will get out….true story. You see, every time one of the crabs gets inspired enough to escape the limitations of the bucket, the other crab will reach up and pull it back down… 
So what is your purpose? What inspires you? Which is normally the point where a person will say either “I don’t know” or they’ll say what inspires them, followed by all the reasons they can’t do it, based on the size of their bucket and all the crabs out there that keep them in the bucket. 
Inspiration doesn’t have to mean changing the world, or going into business, or anything for that matter, it means what ever it means to you, whatever it is that provides you with real fulfillment. I have friends that are inspired to live very simple lives, completely off grid, and I can tell you they are happier than most other people that need to be continually motivated to do something that doesn’t inspire them, but “pays the bills”, but you can find inspirations in your everyday movements… if you look for them!
The bucket is your comfort zone. Your limiting beliefs about the world and what is possible, and the crabs are the external things that limit you (money, relationships, government, opportunity, privilege etc.) 
When things seem impossible think about this. The Earth is 4.6 billion years old.
If you scale this to 1B:1, or in other words down to 46 years, then the human race has been here for just 4 hours & The Industrial Revolution began just 1 minute ago!
Forget about what you think is possible, and start to think about what inspires you. Steve Jobs once said “I want a phone with one button…” and everyone said he was crazy – to which he replied “the people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do”
Step out of the bucket and into life, and if you have crabs, ask a coach for some inspirational crab removal cream…
This article was contributed by John Fell. For more about the author click the link below; Click here

Introducing Configure© V1.0

About Configure© V1.0

At the end of every year, millions of people set goals and develop resolutions for the coming New Year. 90% of these goals and resolutions are never attained. Configure was created to make that a thing of the past. The problem is largely due to the narrow view most people have about resolutions, goals and success in general. They do not realize that the attainment of their beautiful goals is directly dependent on their performance. New actions bring new results and in that manner the new focus on performance as the means by which one will obtain success is bound to bring new results. Configure ensures this.
Configure is a collection of materials (i.e. information and attached exercises) ad activities that together make a seminar designed to transform the individual into a high performing person over a set period of time– referred to in the program as a time block.The program first and foremost treats a year as a time block and breaks it into its four quarters helping the participant to set strategic goals and developing performance strategies to ensure their goals are achieved. 
The seminar is delivered at the beginning of the year and repeated at the beginning of every quarter providing participants with guidance for the use of materials and an opportunity for quarterly evaluation and realignment. Ultimately you will achieve a better performance in your occupation as the means by which you will influence your existence. Your occupation takes most of your time and hence it is the key influencer of your larger existence and provides the only opportunity to be successful in life. There is no success without first treating performance in the one vehicle that makes success possible in the first place. In this regard configure is different from other similar programs that promises success without treating what makes it possible.
It is performance enhancement tool in short and guarantees success because success is only possible when there is high performance.

Learn how it works

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Money grows on trees

So I managed to convince you (or did I) a few articles ago that; clichés– well some of them, are not very useful for your performance as they tend to have limiting effects.  The temporary solution was to discard them or better still; avoid cliché thinking no matter how deep seated they are. But that is easier said than done and I totally agree so I have been working on a better solution based on the Uptimetrics® platform. There is always a better way of doing something; you just have to find it and find it is what we did at the CSD Africa. So here is what you do:

Turn the cliché upside down  

Extract the useful information that is hidden within

Reason the useless information into something more useful

Three easy to practice to deal with clichés.  By doing this you actually correct (repair) the program (and that is what is- a program) instead of trying to remove (uninstall)it. The advantage is comparable to demolishing a house and building another one in its place as opposed to modifying a house into what you want. So let’s see it in action:

Your parents have been telling you all your life that money doesn’t grow on trees and somehow you have allowed it to sink deep into your subconscious and even all the way down to your cells. And now you are acting it out before you get the chance to think about it. Experts agree that such information gives you a limiting perspective of money and negatively affect your relationship with it. (Look up money beliefs on the net. You will be amazed at what will come up)

This Cliché which in fact becomes a program in your mind (Mindapp®) is invoked every time you have asked for money to spend on some trivia (bearing in mind that your parent’s idea of trivia has never been the same as your own and that in fact they have been wrong many of the times. Let’s face it, sometimes they abuse their privilege to use such Clichés and the result is that you develop negative emotions in relation to money.)

Turning “money doesn’t grow on trees” upside down will give us

Money does grows on trees (and this is not only true, it is a super useful too)

Now reason your way to a positive end by answering the How (This is done with a tool called PSR—Positive Speculative Reason).

Well we do have such things as cocoa trees that in fact produce cocoa that is sold for money. Actually cocoa along with other plants are referred to as cash crops and those who plant it do it as means of earning money- yep they literally grow money on trees. The more cocoa trees you have, the more money you have as the value of a cocoa farm is measured in money. But here is the beauty of this idea: cocoa is not the only money making crop that grows on trees. You will find (when you start thinking this way) that there are a limitless number of trees that can produce money. By doing this you have transformed a negative and limiting Mindapp® shrouded in cliché gear into a more a productive one.  

The first thing to do is to find out what information you are running on. They range from what parents and teachers have said repeatedly (sometimes whiles you are being punished) to something you picked up from a book or from conversation with friends or even people you admire. The sources are limitless and you might not remember all of them at once but they are there.

Fixing such limiting Mindapps® improves your performance significantly as you are more forward and open to more options. The more blind spots you remove by using this method, the more options you open up for yourself and the more opportunities you make available to yourself. Perhaps your blind spot with regards to how trees produce money is gone. Feel free to look at trees differently from now on- they do produce money depending on how you choose to think about them.

———————————————————————————————————-Mindapps® are small applications that run in your mind much like the apps on your Ipad or Iphone. Many of them like the malicious worms that crawl your computer have been installed there without your awareness yet are determining what you believe and shaping the way you behave subconsciously.

If you have a belief or 
Mindapps® that’s you recognize as limiting, send us an email at spidup@csdafrica.comWe might be able to help you.

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