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The 2nd Annual Church Branding Summit organized by BKC Consulting seeks to equip ministries, churches, pastors and church leaders on effective branding, church management, and digital evangelism.This year’s summit will be held on the 18th of November, 9AMat the Grandstar Hotel, Off the Haatso – Bohye Road.


Topics to be treated:

– Personal Branding for Pastors and Church Leaders

– Biblical Branding 7 Reasons to Brand your Ministry/Church

– 3 Lessons & Strategies from well-branded Churches/ Ministers

– 4 Reasons Why your Church & Ministry Name is Vital

– How to Rebrand your Church – Brand Identity

– Ministering to a Global audience – The brand factor

– Effective use of Social media for Ministry – Digital Evangelism

– Podcasting your Ministry – The Dag-Heward Mills Effect

– Why Churches fail from the Brand perspective

– 3 Reasons Why Every Pastor Must Write a Book

– How to Write and Publish your book with little or no money

– Growing your ministry – the New Church Growth approach

– Securing the Financial Future of your Ministry

– Managing Church Workers and Members Effectively


Saturday 18th November2017 9AM at Grandstar Hotel, Haatso –Accra

Package includes: Book, Workshop Resources, Refreshment (Coffee Breaks and Lunch)

Host: Bernard Kelvin Clive Ghana’s leading personal branding coach & amazon bestselling author of over 30 published books. He has helped hundreds of pastors, writers, entrepreneurs to self-publish books and build brands. He has consulted for churches and ministries such as the Church of Pentecost Hq, ICGC, Victory Bible Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Eastwood Anaba Ministries, etc

Call 0244961121, to register. www.Rebrandlive.com


His Excellency John Kofi AgyekumKufour will be speaking to hundreds of youth across the country on the focus ’The Influence of Leadership for Generation Building’ at the sixth edition of the biggest national gathering of youth in Augustat Aburi to raise generational builders.
The youth festival gathering christened as Youtherfest is an annual national nondenominational youth festival aimed at gathering all youth across the country to promote a new Leadership mellowness, Entrepreneurship, focus on Youth socialization to contribute to the attributes of the knowledge economy, future advancement and promote soul winning. Youtherfest has been the house hold name of this youth festival for the past 6 years which simply means, “You are Feasting in Christ.”
Youtherfest2016 is also honored with other top list speakers including Obafem iBanigbe, Technology and Business Leader, Naa Ashorkor, Presenter and Broadcast Journalist, Nana Kyei-Amponsah, Patron of Ghana Youth Ministry, Apostle B.B. Fredrick, Feyi Daniels, a Relationship expert from Nigeria and other giant supporting speakers.
This annual national nondenominational youth gathering according to the organisers has been fruitful and rewarding seeing young people develop business ideas, sharpen their visions, build network to inspire their life and ultimately accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour.
Speaking on why the former head of state is the headline speaker of the national youth event, Mr. Daniel Nana Kwame Appiah Asare, Director of Ghana Youth Ministry stressed that, “we appreciate and recognize him being the best Professional and Industrious Personality to speak this year to make a radical impact in the life of the over 700 expected attendees.  With his outstanding expert in Communication, Teaching, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, as well as ability to influence the audience with genuine words of life to break them through barriers in education, success, career and life ambitions. Not only him, but with the other speakers too’.
This year, the Youtherfest train will be in Aburi on the theme‘You Are A Generational Builder – Judges 7’ from Tuesday 2nd– Saturday 6th August 2016.
The five day event provides fair atmosphere for diverse groups to demonstrate in dance, music, fashion, spoken word ,poetry, entrepreneurial class, games, drama and public speaking with great speakers to educate, train, enlighten and surge participants to a renewed believe, hope to make impact and transform society. Over the past five editions, the event has been held in different parts of the country; from Methodist University campus-Accra, Ghana Secondary Technical School, Takoradi, Ada Training College and University of Cape Coast campuses respectively.
Interested participants receive an outstanding package of Food, Accommodation, Transport, Free Camp T-Shirt, Note book and Pen throughout the period of this camp meeting in Aburi. Buses will be made ready across all regional capitals to privileged registered participants.Ticket outlets are Peace FM, Koala Osu, Batsonna Total, Spintex and all Shop-N-Save shops across the country. Mobile money registration is also permissible through 0553015896.

Blakk ID’s modest groundbreaking launch

Product launches must soon become a collector’s item in the very near future. Brands try to outclass each other; innovating their way to mass attention leaving in their wake creative landmarks that sometimes even outlive the brand itself. Some of the activities can be that extreme. One worthy of note in recent times is the Star FM launch that featured camels and the works. Now that was a launch in a class by itself and it did get national attention. Perhaps it was all worth it as it seems to have worked miracles for the Star FM brand. I suppose it is what you can call a successful launch because it had the knock-punch effect—you couldn’t have missed it.

But is there an ethical question to be addressed in running these campaigns? Are the brands simply looking for attention or are they offering more. The world has gone past just doing things for your benefit only. Beyond that, phones now have cameras and flash lights. Some even have radio and TV. Innovation is when you can give more than your core promise in a creative way. A brand that seems to have captured this idea and is presenting what we think is bound to be a trend-setter is Blakk ID.

What if a fashion brand can sprinkle dashes of CSR over the launch even before they are fully in the market? Now, that will be a new way of thinking that also presents the full manifestation of the win-win-win idea. It also demonstrates that they are not just in the market to sell clothes; they also care about society they operate in. We can be sure then, that when they make a billion, they will give some of it back to help improve the lot of their fellow humans. Now that is a trait of a modern brand and the guys at Blakk ID clearly understand the dynamics of this thinking. So what are they doing exactly? They are going to the Akropong School for the blind to stage a fashion show as part of the launch of their fashion brand in an event dubbed Colours of Black. You might think there is nothing innovative about that until I tell you that all the models will be blind students. To answer your question, YES! Visually impaired people can model too. You may be familiar with the maxim “disability is not inability”. What it simply means is that, people you think are disabled may be abled in other departments and these blind students are going to demonstrate this idea in its fullness through fashion all made possible by Blakk ID.

YES! They have the materials; long legs, slender waist, muscular torsos — the whole works and Blakk ID is going to put them all to work on the 21st of May at the Akropong School for the blind. If you want to support a blind student, witness a trendsetting launch, experience top-end fashion and be inspired, let’s see you there on the 21stof May.

Blakk ID is an Accra based fashion brand run by Berima Kenneth Kobina Mensah; a Takoradi polytechnic trained fashion designer who has been passionately involved in clothing and dress making since his junior high school years.  

Blakk ID formerly known as Color Blakk is set to take African fashion to the next level. At SPiD-UP®, we are excited about the quality of their output and believe the future is bright for the Blakk ID team. It will be exciting to see you at Akropong on the 21st.  Whatever you do, be the best you can be. #spidup 

PESC 2016 at hand

Last year our very own Shakiru Akinyemi aka the Shakmellon was at PESC’15. He filed this tastefully detailed report that almost captured everything that was said at the event. We are especially excited about PESC because we believe entrepreneurship can eliminate poverty from the continent. High Performance in entrepreneurship can definitely do even more. We have to have entrepreneurs but we have to have results producing high performing entrepreneurs who can take us to the next level.  PESC is promising in this regard.

There are many entrepreneurship events in town these days. But they are not all the same. For any event like this one to be useful, two factors must be considered. Content; what is being said and who is saying it. The second is structure; how has the event been organized and how is it being delivered—this influences participant experience. The participant must leave feeling inspired and eager to start something.

PESC has achieved this consistently for the last three years. It is for this reason that we recommended the program to all entrepreneurs and even those who are waiting to make the jump.

Project SPiD-UP® supports PESC ’16. We think you should too.

Preview: Role Model Africa Corporate Dialogue III

I saw this poster and it was easy to recognize the source. Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh! Invents!! Role Model Africa!! I took a closer look and what I saw drew a wide grin upon seeing two names headlining the poster. Michael Okyere Darko – OBRAFUOR and the ever enigmatic Bernard Avle.

(Food: paused, Standing fan:switched to maximum speed, Sleeves:Folded up, DVD: slotted in ‘Pae mu ka’ CD. Songs played in background)

About five years ago, on one quiet breezy afternoon, and in the company of three friends, I found myself in a certain house somewhere in Accra. Our hosts were setting up the compound to host a group of Believers to a bread-breaking time as Christ himself has ordained. As we waited for the action to begin, I saw this beautiful little girl, running around, playing and smiling. While my friends and i played with her, my host told me that the little girl is Obrafuor’s seed. Wow. 

Until then, I had not met the ‘Executioner’ in person though I have always admired his literary, oratory, musical and lyrical powers. He is in my candid view the Okomfo Anokye of Ghana Rap. Surprisingly, My host said Obrafuor was indoors.

“Obrafuor? Here?”


I did not believe my host for all the banku in the world. It did not strike him to challenge me to a bet; I’d have lost.

Nothing, Hell nothing showed that legendary Obrafuor could be in one of the rooms of that humble building yet it was true. We urged our host to let us see him. He agreed.

After few minutes, Obrafuor came out, smiling, saw his little girl and patted her before coming to greet each one of us who were then seated. My heart raced. We stood up too. I was dumbstruck as I peered into his face hoping to see the content of his mind through his head. I wanted to know how he does it. Ok, hold on right there. Something happened which fortified my respect for the General.

“Obrafuor, can you give us a free style?” I asked.

“Bro, my style is not free” he answered with a lovely smile of a father to a son.

My goodness! what a sharp mind in every sense of the word. We took photographs (not selfies. selfies were unimaginable then). He thanked us for our time and without fanfare went back into his room. That day, my love for his works and for the beauty of poetry in/and music was strengthened.

And for those ruling the airwaves now with their music; Sarkodie, Manifest, El and Co, who also are putting Ghana on the world map and generating millions in revenue, they have this man, Michael Okyere-Darko to thank profusely for setting alight their paths.

Bernard Avle? The first time I saw him, He was Master of Ceremony at a Fidelity/Graphic Business Meeting at Alisa Hotel. The second time, he was Master of Ceremony at the 2016 National Convocation of Springboard and after the event was hounded by ambitious youth who wanted all styles and degrees of Selfies. From a corner, I watched him, his fluidity and humanness. Twice, Yes, twice, but I follow his weekday acts on Citifm via my twitter handle @sharkmellon1

This is the third edition of Role Model Africa Corporate Dialogue. What do I expect to gain from the conference? To hear Obrafuor and Bernard say things I don’t already know, to challenge me to success and to blow my mind. What about you?

Samuel and the Invents Team. You are biiiiiiiggggggg men (In Bernard Avle’s voice). See you there people! 22nd May, 2016. 3pm, African Reagent Hotel.  


The guest for the second edition of the Role Model Africa Corporate Dialogue addressed the theme “Financing the African Business”. Caleb Ayiku, who is a corporate trainer, business coach and entrepreneur drew insight from his rich experience in business in addressing the concerns of participants. He has strong business development skill; he is a strong leader with exceptional strategic, communication and networking skills capable of building teams for flawless execution of business strategies. He is the founder of the renowned management consultancy, Breakthrough Consult and a co-founder of the Camarie Group and Rex Oil, an Oil Marketing Company in Ghana. Caleb has worked in a number of corporations across the continent, where he has gained key experiences and knowledge in business. He is a former Managing Director of Engen Ghana, Engen Kenya, Engen Tanzania, Herbalife and Oando Ghana. He is a Chemical Engineer by profession and offers career and life coaching to young and aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. Caleb is also a Management Consultant, and has trained and consulted with several corporations including Barclays Bank, Citi FM, Enterprise Insurance and FEDEX. He is also an author books covering the areas of business, motivation and health.

Caleb, during the dialogue, educated the audience on the nuances of entrepreneurship and business. He emphatically stated that, the path to financial success requires a multiple stream of income. Hence, the need for entrepreneurship, exploring new ideas and transforming the ideas into profitable ventures. He postulated that, every business must have a business plan. He described a business plan as a document that spells out how you want to implement your business ideas. “As one who wants to start a business it is imperative to have a business plan.” He added that a business a business plan is the surest and best way to secure way to secure credit.

He further took the participants through some ways of securing funding to start a business and expanding it. According to him, raising capital as an entrepreneur is one of the many challenges faced and not the only one. The sources of funding, he mentioned include: one’s own money, through partnerships, free money from family and friends, loans form family and friends, loans from financial institutions, venture capitalists and private equity funds, angel investors, listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange and benefitting from government programs and from donors.

Caleb, in the course of the dialogue spoke against the Ghanaian mentality of wanting to own a business solely. He thus encourages partnerships among businesses. He urged the youth to learn to collaborate in partnerships in doing business. He stated that, “There is magic in partnership” he said as the discussion came to a close, stressing that, “credibility is the currency of business”. In a more compelling tone, he instructed all who have business ideas to start their businesses. He encouraged them not to be afraid of failure, but rather embrace it in order to learn new ways of doing things.

The Role Model Africa project comprises a variety of packages including an Exclusive One-on-One mentoring session, the Business Mentoring Class, the Mentoring Hubs on the various tertiary institution campuses and the Corporate Dialogue. The maiden edition of the Role Model Corporate Dialogue was held on Sunday 27th September 2015 under the theme, “Doing business with Integrity”. Dr. Samuel Onwona, an Ex-World Bank official was the role model for the first edition.

Role Model Africa, is a mentoring platform that seeks to engage African personalities whose influence span beyond Africa. The initiative, a project organized by INVENTS on a quarterly basis is designed to identify African personalities whose contributions to the continent and beyond are worth emulating. In a story telling format, a guest (role model) is engaged in a discussion by a host to a live audience. The dialogue engages the personality of the individual together with their corporate experiences.

The dialogue was moderated by Dr. William Okyere-Frempong a medical doctor by training and the country Chief Executive Officer of the HuD. The Co-founder and C.E.O. of Galaxy Capital, Mr. Samuel Bright-Kaitoo delivered the keynote address to start off the dialogue. He emphasized in his address, the role of mentorship in national development. He cited examples of some noteworthy individuals who attained notable feats by reason of their association with mentors. He mentioned Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Apple founder Steve Jobs. In a similar fashion Bill Gates was mentored by Warren Buffet. He further encouraged the participants to submit to role models in humility.

There were other high profile individuals present at the Corporate Dialogue, they included Mr. Martin Luther King (C.E.O., Journalist for Regional Integration), Henry Afrifa (Migrations Officer, British High Commission), Johannes Akuffo (C.E.O., ASN Financial Services), John Ntim Fordjour (2016 Parliamentary candidate), Edem Adzaho (C.E.O., Spec Consults) among others.

INVENTS Co-founder, Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh expressed excitement at the many young people who were present at the dialogue. He also announced that plans are underway to connect young people with mentors of different backgrounds. Mr. Agyeman Prempeh used the opportunity to award some executives who have been dedicated in their service to raising magnates and dynamic leaders across the continent. In concluding, he excitedly announced the date for the next edition to be on Sunday, 22ndMay, 2016. Further details will be made available in the press, he assured.  The date for the next edition was announced to be on Sunday, 22nd May, 2016 at 3pm under the theme “Employing the media to sustain the African Business”.

Role Model Africa is an initiative by INVENTS, a mentoring organization that focuses on raising young people as Leaders and Entrepreneurs before they turn 25. Since October 2007, Invents has been consistent in using personal Leadership models and projects to reach out to millions of young people. Our flagship programs include: She Magnate Project and Ideas Pulpit. Our events have attracted remarkable personalities such as Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi; Founder and Presiding Bishop of VBCI, Dr. Yaw Perbi; Global C.E.O. of the HuD Group, Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan; Founder and C.E.O. of L’aine Services, Mrs. Comfort Ocran; Co-Founder of Legacy & Legacy, Dr. Samuel Onwona; Former World Bank Official, and Mr. Caleb Ayiku: Co-founder of Rex Oil..

Miriam’s Career Fair

The Enquiry Agency begun in the year 2013. As a student I always wanted to study tourism however my dad mistook it for hospitality management and I wasn’t allowed to read it. Gradually upon interaction with an aunt my love for procurement was kindled. Based on this experience the Enquiry Agency was born. What if I had received the opportunity to interact with anybody in the area of tourism? Perhaps I could have read tourism and lived my dream. Every 4 years students all over Ghana are faced with this challenge. Sometimes young people have little knowledge about the areas we have interest in. The Enquiry Agency seeks to give every student the opportunity to interact with people who are successful in the areas the student seems to have interest in. 
Sometimes these students are given the opportunities to volunteer. Are we going to give up on our dreams just because are local universities do not find our grades worthy of programs we have interest in? Why do we then give up? We give up because like any normal student we are scared; scared because we have no idea as to where to go or who to look up to in our areas of interest. If only we have the opportunities to interact with people who were once like us but yet against all odds run after their dreams, we will be inspired to do same. Come join us at the career fair on the 9th of April 2016 Grab a ticket :0248165851/0206080406
Team SPiD-UP considers this program a very useful one for young people to gain some knowledge of industries they might be interested in. This will help shape their thoughts and influence their choices for life towards a better Africa. We encourage you to participate.
Markus Kennedy Katey- Project lead

Sharkmellon and his 59 stories

Shakiru Akinyemi alias Sharkmellon alias Shark is a Poet, Writer and emerging Business Leader. His Poems ‘Ekurase’ ‘Street Children’ ‘Ivory Horn of Africa’ have been published by Poetry Foundation of Ghana. Two others, ‘Rascals and Good Morning’ have been published by Kalahari Review and ‘The Traveller’s Song’ has been published by the Lunaris Review.

Shakiru has been featured on CitiFM Writer’s Project of Ghana and remains favorite performer at Leadership and Governance Events. His deep thoughts, unique voice and dramatic persona help to wow his audience. His much listened Piece ‘This I Put to You’ has been played on Unique FM of Ghana and West Africa Democracy Radio in Senegal.

He has performed alongside Rhymesonny at Google hangout and also performed at ALEWA, a poetry event organized by the People of Equal Thoughts and Spirits (POETS) and occasionally at Ehalakasa. In 2009, Shakiru was Guest Poet to an audience of about 2,000 people at Maiden Stage Productions ‘His Birth in the 2stCentury’ and ‘His Death in the 21st Century’ organized by J-Nissi Productions.

Unlike Poetry, he has for a long time kept his collection of short stories in his archives but when some friends sighted the works, they implored him to make them public saying “Shakiru, why are you keeping these beautiful stories to yourself?”, thus, the reason for hosting ‘The Storyteller, 59stories FOR 59pesewas’ on 12th March, 2016 in commemoration of Ghana’s 59thYear of Independence. Shakiru blogs at Sharkmellon@blogspot.com, tweets at @sharkmellon1, instagrams at @ceo_shakiru  and facebooks at Shakiru Akinyemi. He lives in Accra.

Corporate Dialogue with Oil Magnate at Role Model Africa

Role Model Africa is a mentoring program that connects young persons in Africa to role models. The key feature of Role Model Africa is a Corporate Dialogue that engages African personalities with influence beyond Africa. The Corporate Dialogue enables the Role Model to share his successes and challenges in business in an open dialogue to curious audience from across Africa. The mentoring platform is designed to preserve African values of hardwork and excellence by way of enabling personalities who have made significant impact on the continent to share their stories so younger ones can learn from them and sustain the heritage.  The concept is to say that Africans can serve as their own role models by telling their stories and mentoring younger ones. Oil Expert and entrepreneur, Mr. Caleb Ayiku will make his appearance at the second edition of Role Model Africa to share insights in the area of finance and business in Africa and particularly Ghana  as he speaks on the theme ‘Financing the African Business‘. 
Role Model Africa is designed to attract African Presidents, Business Owners, Founders of Churches,  Founders of African global Companies, International African leaders, African Policy and decision Makers, Influential personalities in the arts, Business Magnates, Investors and you name them.

Various mentorship opportunities are available through the umbrella of Role Model Africa. Individuals can sign up for the One-On-One mentoring session or come together as groups for the Business Mentoring Class. The Magnate Community’ provides mentorship for families and friends in a rather informal approach. INVENTS Mentoring Hubs are available on various campuses to train and mentor students.

The second edition of the Corporate Dialogue is scheduled for Sunday 24th January 2016 at the African Regent Hotel, Accra-Ghana from 3pm to 6pm and will be honored by Oil expert, Mr. Caleb Ayiku, C.E.O. of Breakthrough Consult.

Over 18 years, the Role Model has distinguished his career in several sectors in Africa. Caleb has rich experience as a Chemical Engineer working for over thirteen years in downstream petroleum industry in Africa. Aside working with and rising to the position of Managing Director at Engine Petroleum with affiliates in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya, Mr. Ayiku also worked as Country Manager for Oando Ghana Limited.

A trainer and management consultant, Caleb Ayiku has trained and consulted with several blue chips companies including Barclays Bank, Citi FM, Enterprise Insurance and FEDEX.

The Role Model who is also the co-founder of Rex Oil Limited will be sharing perspectives on the theme ‘Financing the African Business’ to impact businesses in Ghana and Africa at large. 

The Convener; Mr. Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh shares that the program is opened to the general public and will attract audience from various parts of Africa. Audiences are expected to be seated 30 minutes ahead of the program.

Event tickets can be purchased ahead of the program. The public can contact 0503183555 and 0503183699 to have tickets delivered to them at their convenience. Further details available on the website of INVENTS (www.inventsfoundation.org).

Role Model Africa is an initiative by INVENTS Foundation, a mentoring organization that focuses on raising young people as Leaders and Entrepreneurs before they turn 25.

Since October 2007, INVENTS has been consistent in using personal Leadership models and projects to reach out to millions of young people through its Mentorship Hubs on various tertiary campuses.

Our flagship programs and projects include: the She Magnate Project, Role Model Africa, and Ideas Pulpit.

Our events have attracted remarkable personalities such as Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi ; Founder and Presiding Bishop of VBCI, Dr. Yaw Perbi ; Global C.E.O. of the HuD Group , Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan; Founder and C.E.O. of L’aine Services, and Mrs. Comfort Ocran; Co-Founder Legacy And Legacy.

The Premiere of Role Model Africa was honored by Dr. Samuel Onwona, as guest to be interviewed on the platform. Dr. Onwona is a former World Bank Official.

Role Model Africa: We tell a story.

Credit: Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

Tema Youth to challenge the status quo at TYES15

TEMA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT 15 is by far the biggest motivational and inspirational gathering in Tema. It brings together youth from all over the city and beyond, equip and empower them to succeed. Only in the second year the maiden edition saw over hundred young people from schools, churches and social clubs as participants; some of who are doing well in different spheres of life currently.
This year’s edition under the theme “CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO” is aimed at helping the youth to explore career opportunities and reduce unemployment in the city. It is also aimed at challenging young people to take full responsibility for their growth and development.
With confirmation of participation from schools, churches and individuals on the rise daily it is of no doubt that this edition is going to be bigger and better. It has attracted support from prominent individuals in the city most especially Hon. ISAAC ASHAI ODAMTTEM; METROPOLITAN CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF TEMA.
Some topics to be treated include career excellence, leadership, entrepreneurship, starting right, financial management, social capital and personal development. Speakers include Conrad Kakraba, Jeremiah Buabeng, Benjamin Ashitey Amarh, Cephas Adjei Mensah, Davis Kwabena Borti and Joseph Bright Tay(host).
We can’t afford to perform below the bar, we are challenging the status quo to transform Tema, Ghana and Africa at large.
Date: 10th October, 2015
Venue: Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Emmanuel Congregation, Tema New Town.
Time: 10 AM.
TYES15…… challenging the status quo.
Come one, come all to be inspired and empowered to succeed. See you there!!!!!

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