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Worry Less, Praise God

Today’s lesson is a based on a appeal God placed on my heart.

A worry is something that causes anxiety or something that disturbs our peace of mind.

Worries finds its root in uncertainties of life, news emerging around us, mistrust etc.

The human mind as we are aware of, directs our feelings.

A worry Christian should be worried that he or she worries because God is against worrying.

Jesus gave a wise saying in Matthew 6:25 when he admonished all believers to depart from worrying postures.

Worrying is a sign of having little or no faith in God.

There are 4 types of Worriers:

  1. Mayday Worrier: These are people who worry because of an unknown impending disaster. They have the feeling of a disaster and then to experience disturbances in their spirit.
  2. Yesterday Worriers: These are people who cant get over their past. They always fight to change their past by saying i should have, i could have etc. They cant get over their past mistakes.
  3. Someday Worriers: These people worry about their future. They always wonder what tomorrow brings.
  4. Everyday Worriers: These are people who make worrying a hobby.

They worry about everything. They pick on what people say to worry, they see how people react towards them and worry and even worry when the power at home go off due to “Dumsor”.


Worrying is the devil’s tool of entrapping believers to mistrust God’s Word.


Effects of Worrying:

  1. Causes High anxiety
  2. Affecting ones appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep and job performance.
  3. Medically it causes Headache, dizziness, fast heart beat, fatigue, digetive disorders etc


What is the way forward for us as believers?

First and foremost, we need to fix our minds on God’s Finished Works.

God is the all powerful creator of the universe who has power and ability to grant all our requests and petitions.

Worrying does not solve any problem as it only compounds the negative effects of the situation.

Secondly, we need to cultivate the habit of talking to a counsellor or trusted elder to share our worries with. In some cases, a psychologist is advisable.

Exercising is another good way of shedding our worries.

We also need to be conscious of things that causes worries in our lives so we deal with them.


In conclusion bethren, we need to turn over our worries to God and trust his finished works to be our comforter.

Do not forget Jesus Christ slept in a boat on a stormy sea.


Bottomline: When God is in control, the storm becomes a song to our ears!


May God bless us All.

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