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Concerning rebels and hummingbirds

hovering in mid-air

hovering in mid-air

The quintessential element of the rebel’s way is rebellion. The rebel therefore ceases to be a rebel when he stops rebelling. This idea is traceable to the immutable laws of nature herself: there is no room for stagnation and therefore “eternal vigilance” (i.e. continuous action) is required for simple continuous existence. Even the unprogressive must continue to do what they do albeit in the same old fashion to remain afloat.

The hummingbird is among the most interesting of our feathered co-inhabitants of the planet. Among its unique feature is the ability to hover in one spot by rapidly flapping its wings at the staggering 50 times per second creating the humming sound that gave it, its name. Generally, flight should mean covering distances which they do at 54km/h.  It takes effort to maintain one position and gives credence to the assertion; nature has no room for stagnation. Anything that stands still immediately begins to deteriorate. Leave your food there for too long and it begins to rot. Stagnant water in a matter of time becomes the habitat of undesirables. Attempt to hover mid-air without flapping your winds and you will fall flat on your face.

Change has been described as the only constant; nothing ever stays the same. To remain relevant one needs to be dynamic i.e. continue to change. This is the reason why a method or strategy that may have worked yesterday either needs to change completely today or improve. The case for innovation has never been clearer.

“Rebels” — those who defy the odds and shift paradigms in order to bring humanity to new thresholds are change makers. It may seem to the uninformed eye however, that once they have made the great change, the job is done. Not the case. Like the hummingbird they need to keep flapping their wings even if they want to stay where they are—“maintain balance”. This idea is very evident in the work of innovators of our time. Any Facebook user will tell you how dynamic the website has been over the years. It is not enough that Zuckerburg was able to get billions of people to subscribe to the service by providing them with irresistibly appealing software that literally hooks the user in record time. He needed to do more if he was going to maintain the spot and this he and his team does effectively. To do this, the rebel will need the support of a team of disciples who share in this passion of consistent rebelliousness. A team that have bought into the idea of consistently changing and innovating. This explains why Facebook is rumored to have over seven hundred developers who are continuously finding better ways to do things on the site. Team work is key at this point to maintain balance.

Not too long after the Facebook success, Google the giant in the land with its huge database of users tried to wrestle the market out of the hands of Zuckerburg and his team. This was supposed to be an easy task for Google who already had the advantage of a database full of extremely satisfied users on its Gmail system. Something kept Facebook ahead regardless. It is the ability to adopt, innovate and respond to changing trends—often setting new ones. Google itself has showed that building and maintaining a highly innovative team was how you stay in the lead. It is how they slayed Microsoft the giant.

The likes of Zukerburg and Jobs must be a restless bunch. Anyone who has seen the Jobs movie knows about his insatiable need to innovate and create products that set the trends, change the game and lead the market. Such persons may be problematic to all of us in more than one way (they are rebels after all) but are also pivotal to the growth of our civilization. Jobs was a very team dependent rebel although there are questions about his people management skills.

Maintaining the balance once you have broken a barrier may not be an easy task unless innovation is in one’s DNA. Without that, the rebel soon becomes the ordinary. For once the game changes, it becomes the new normal in a matter of time. It will take another rebel to bring things to the next level. To remain relevant, rebels continue to innovate, grow, and break new grounds. To do that they need a team of rebels. This is life’s own little law. Anything that remains stagnant begins to deteriorate. The hummingbird’s ability to hover in the same spot comes from that flapping of its wing. Zuckerburg’s ownership of the social media sphere has everything to do with continuous rebelliousness. Steve Jobs has an insatiable need to innovate and is very team dependent. Samsung appears to have learnt this rule very well. Google have remained at the top after they changed how we use search engines and electronic mail—they have one of the most innovative teams in the world. It is the very nature of their being and it keeps them ahead. If you are reveling somehow, make sure you have the rebel gene.



The reputation of Bar Purity Ghana Limited is continuously being damaged by the false allegation that has been put up on the web, sponsored by Mr. Luc Harvey a Canadian politician and former Member of Parliament for the riding of Louis-Hébert in Quebec from 2006 to 2008.

The folks at Bar Purity seem to have kept mute since this falsehood surfaced on the web primarily due to the fact that the case is before a court of competent jurisdiction. Any law abiding individual or organization wouldn’t want to be held in contempt of court or seen as obstructing justice by responding to the malicious and diabolic publication engineered by the opponent to tarnish their reputation.

The Luc Harvey sponsored publication has done immeasurable damage to Bar Purity as most foreign Gold buyers who chance upon it tend to discontinue correspondence with Bar Purity  clearly not knowing what the facts are. Transactions that were almost closing have been truncated because of this publication and one cannot just sit and allow this to continue to happen to Ghanaian owned company that contributes greatly to the socio-economic welfare of our nation.

Being constrained by the Judicial Regulations one cannot discuss this matter or even take a stance pending the determination the case in court. For the purpose of clarification and to uphold integrity of Bar Purity however, it is important to state that Mr. Luc Harvey is only taking this path of intimidation and harassment hoping that as a former Member of Parliament in Canada, he can draw enough sympathy and political strength to cow Bar Purity into silence. A silence which for all intent and purpose will deprive the world of the knowledge of the fact that Mr. Luc Harvey gave Bar Purity Ghana Limited fake payment instruments at different times as payment for Gold.


The inevitable conclusion is that Mr. Luc Harvey is a common criminal who has no locus standi to sue Bar Purity on this matter because he is in fact a fraudulent person with questionable character who approached Bar Purity with the intention to defraud them. By the vigilance of their bankers, it was discovered that the payment instruments issued by Mr. Luc Harvey were faked and cooked up to dispossess Bar Purity of Gold without payment.

As per the evidence attached, it is submitted to the general public that Mr. Luc Harvey approached Bar Purity Limited in 2015 with the request to SHIP gold, a contract was signed between Mr. Harvey and the Supplier with Bar Purity to act as shippers of the Gold.  Consequently the suppliers went ahead to process the gold for delivery to Mr. Luc Harvey. On the 26th June, 2015 Mr. Luc Harvey sent a letter referenced; OBJECT: PAYMENT OF 100KG OF GOLD TO MR. NANA OPUKU / BAR PURITY. In the letter Mr. Harvey claimed that BMO Groupe Financier has agreed to pay the vendors including Bar Purity the sum of $2,500,000.00 as soon as the Gold is received in Canada. See enclosed appendage (A). When this letter was subjected to confirmation by Bar Purity bankers, the report came negative from BMO Groupe Financier. See enclosed appendage (B).


Before then Mr. Luc Harvey had also attempted to swindle Bar Purity of Gold by sending fake transfer Swift receipt claiming that the sum of $4million has been transferred into Bar Purity account #2416439103261 with UBA BANK (GHANA). See enclosed appendage (C). On the bank’s advice, Bar Purity waited for the funds to reflect in their account. After days of waiting nothing came. Yet Mr. Harvey kept trying hard to convince Bar Purity to send the Gold to Canada by sending an email 26th August 2015 to show the instruction he issued to his bank. See enclosed appendage (D).

The inevitable conclusion is that Mr. Luc Harvey is working with a syndicate of swindlers. Anything short of that will require a justify of his relationship with Mr. Sebastine Marchand the signatory to the BMO Groupe Financier letter(A) which was disclaimed by the bank.

Additional documents; an email on 26th August, 2015 from Mr. Harvey to Bar Purity confirming the relationship between Mr. Harvey and fraudulent Mr. Sebastine Marchand. See enclosed appendage (E).

Date page of the passport of Mr. Luc Harvey. See enclosed appendage (F).

Through collaborations with other miners and Gold traders in Africa there has been an uncovering of dossiers of fraudulent practices by this Luc Harvey.  We desist from exposing these evidences as we wait on the court process to expose him to the whole world. Bar Purity lawyers have opened communication lines with the alleged financiers (BMO Groupe Financier) and it is incriminatingly evident that Mr. Luc Harvey though in SUIT and TIE, has no HONOUR to his name.

This is just a drop in the ocean of all the nefarious activities of dishonorable Mr. Luc Harvey.


Why you need a brand ambassador 

A brand ambassador is a person who is engaged by a company/brand to promote the brand – giving it more visibility, value, and reach to increase the Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Branding and marketing have evolved over the years with technology and speed of change and innovation, which has influenced the way brands do interact with consumers and other businesses to properly position their brands. The reason why brand ambassadors are very much needed to help promote, educate and share in the brand’s success.

Here are some reasons why you need brand ambassadors:

1.    Lead Generation:

Brand ambassadors serve as leads for your brand, they help bring in more customers. An effective brand ambassador stands the chance of bringing in more business than adverts.

2.    Human Connection:

The truth is that people buy into people. People tend to believe more, what their friends tell them about a product/service than the media/ads. Brand ambassadors help to bring the human touch to your brand; they help build a more personal relationship with consumers thereby making the brand more lovable.
3.    Loyal Customers:

An effective brand ambassador becomes more loyal to your brand because they believe and like your products, they become your first consumers (paid or free). In effect, they also use their influence to lead others to become loyal to the brand.

4.    Reputation:

Your brand reputation is critical to the survival and success of your brand. Your brand ambassadors go out there to protect your brand and ensure that your brand is seen in a more positive light. They can quickly and easily correct misconceptions about your brand.
5.    Wider Reach:

You can’t be everywhere at the same time. This is what your brand ambassadors do; they represent you at places that you can’t be. They become your mouthpiece; they help spread your brand wider to their circles of influence.
6.    Go Viral:

Viral reach here implies getting loads of word-of-mouth for your products by your brand ambassadors either online or offline. Imagine a social media influencer as your brand ambassador tweets or shares about your brand, its effect is huge. Having an influential brand ambassador mentioning or wearing your product on a popular TV show stands the chance of reaching far more people than advertisements.
7.    Feedbacks:

As I say, ‘feedbacks are a brand’s way of looking back’; your brand ambassadors will largely have their ears on the ground to provide you with feedbacks to help enhance your brand. Though all feedbacks may not be positive, they will help you shape your brand, innovate where necessary to produce better tailor-made services to clients.


HYPERLINK “” Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer, Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana.

He is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at

“” BKC Consulting with over 10 years of experience in digital publishing, has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He is an Amazon bestselling author of over 30 published books. He is a familiar face on GTV and other TV stations where he shares his ideas on branding and strategy. His ideas and perspective on branding is touted as unconventional and revolutionary and has won him many admirers including Seth Godin.

Be an Outlier 

This is something I want to share with the world.
Don’t stop right there. You can take a rest but don’t quit. You have to put your heart in the game and keep playing like it’s nobody’s business.
I find it interesting to know that we can grab wisdom from a lot of books, messages and podcasts. But what happens if you wake up one day and for some strange reasons you can’t find any? Ever thought of that?
Inside our hearts and mind is the everyday wisdom and encouragement we need to make it. I believe we can be outliers if we really stick our heart so hard to the game. A lot of people will keep telling you why you can’t do it but hard work with determination never failed any body and you can ask Ben Carson, a dumb kid who rose to greatness or a young Harvard guy who chose to drop out to start his own business…and no doubt that became a Gate to his greatness and believe me or not that was going to pay the Bill. I am talking about Bill Gates. I think I can go on and on and talk about a lot of people who are making it. What these people had in common wasn’t luck or status. Ben Carson wasn’t a rich kid but Gates was. What these guys had in common was the everyday thing we forget to see OPPORTUNITY.  Ben Carson had the opportunity to visit the community library after school everyday when his mum insisted he and his brother does so. He didn’t like it but He grabbed it! And that became the turning point of his life. Gates began programing at an early stage. He sacrificed most of his night so that he could use a computer at the University of Washington because that time was the only time he could get unlimited access to the computer. 
Look around you and find what is staring close at you and grab it! Look far and stretch a little bit and hold unto it. My friend Nesta wrote an article some time ago about how to be lucky and he made  profound statements in there. You can create your own luck everyday and I bet you can. You only have to look hard enough and grab that opportunity. Sometime ago I was thinking what I could do with my talent and passion for writing if facebook or whatsapp didn’t exist. Or there was nothing like wordpress to blog about any of the amazing things i share a lot of the time.  But I am glad such opportunities and many exist for people like me who aspire to be amazing writers someday and I am happy to share with the world what I have. I have had people say that I don’t want to post anything because people might not like it or comment on it. Well I have something to tell you and it is what I got from the book Outliers. What I want to call the 10000 hour rule.
“And what’s ten years? Well, it’s roughly how long it takes to put in ten thousand hours of practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic of greatness.” – Malcolm Gladwell.
So who cares if people like it or not? The truth you’ve got about ten good years to be a progidy and if i were you i will forget about everything now and start the journey.
Finally i want to share an inspiration i came across this morning…

Aim for the stars and you will reach the moon. Whoever said this obviously forget to tell you that you will need work your butt off to build a rocket first.
Be an Outlier!

The Role of a Brand Ambassador

“Everyone has a level of influence that can be harnessed for greater good” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

A brand ambassador is a person who is engaged by a company/brand to promote the brand – giving it more visibility, value, and reach to increase the Return-On-Investment (ROI).
begin with, a brand ambassador should have some level of influence – Either paid or volunteer brand ambassadors. They Must be loyal, they must be genuinely interested in your brand and they must be willing to live by the brand’s values and code of conduct.

Here are the 5 Main Roles of a Brand Ambassador in the acronym B.R.A.N.D.

1.    Believe in the Brand:

Brand ambassadors’ first point of calling, connection and communication are to believe in your brand. They are to buy into the brand. If they don’t believe in the brand, there is very little they can do at the core and cry of being authentic in this age. 
2.    Represent the Brand:

The role of a brand ambassador is to represent the brand whenever they can and wherever they find themselves. An ambassador becomes the mouthpiece of the brand, in words and in deeds; to positively project the image of the brand in every way possible.
3.    Authenticate the Brand:

A brand ambassador’s role of authenticating the brand implies making the brand more likable, real to consumers to enable them to trust the brand and attract more clients. In essence, they humanize the brand by articulating it genuinely.
4.    Nurture the Brand:

To nurture the brand is to help the brand grow to reach more people, to create more loyal consumers. Brand ambassadors are to bring in more leads and to replicate themselves creating more ambassadors in their circles of influence.
5.    Defend the Brand:

This means to protect the reputation of the brand. Stand in the gap of constantly proclaiming the goodwill of the brand, where others want to defame the brand, an ambassador quickly steps in with the truth. Where there has been a misconception about the brand, miscommunication of the brand and even instances where the brand has erred, the ambassador sets in to resolve issues effectively to elevate the brand’s image.
In all, a brand ambassador is to help the brand dominate in various areas and ways they can use their influence.
In conclusion, Brand ambassadors can either be volunteers or paid individuals to represent the company in various ways. A staff of a company can become a brand ambassador, and I personally advise firms to invest in their staff to make them brand ambassadors, it pays huge dividends. The scary thing is having a staff who doesn’t believe in your product and services but only exchange his/her time for salaries. It’s a sure sign of losing your credibility and sinking your business.

I strongly believe that companies should focus on having both internal(staff) and external brand ambassadors. Consider a staff brand advocacy training program ( HYPERLINK “” BKC Consulting).
 HYPERLINK “” Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer, Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana. 

He is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at  HYPERLINK “” BKC Consulting with over 10 years of experience in digital publishing, has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He is an Amazon bestselling author of over 30 published books. 

A step above absurdity

There is a group of people who like to think of themselves better off than everybody else. Not a new thing actually except; this group I have in mind take things a little too far when they start looking down on others as having an inferior life. The idea that others must want what they want and live like them or consider themselves worse off is what I consider a step above absurdity. 
The guiltiest of this group is the creative bunch –mostly the artistes who spend their day inside basements and garages taking sporadic showers, wearing untidy clothes while puffing on anything within reach all day in the name of creativity. For a time, the world needed some kind of an affirmative action to make space for them until they gain recognition and acceptance. For they themselves are considered oddballs by other groups. If you have lived as long as I have, then perhaps you have encountered the artist who mocks the office worker and his routine 9–to–5 confined-to-a-desk lifestyle. It is lifestyle the creatives consider stifling and lacking the orgasmic sovereignty of blissful imagination and creativity. “I will just die behind that desk” he says. This view would have been understandable to a reasonable extent except they pontificate that the routine lifestyle is bad for everyone. They also commit a fatal error when they assume that within the realm of “bank-telling” and “figures-tinkering” of accounting, there is no creativity and imagination.

Not all can stomach the drifting performances called the dream life that everyone must want to live. They forget that it is the difference in what we do that makes it possible for them to enjoy such things as a simple meal—without which their creativity will suffer. The creative goes to the bank and cashes money made possible by a teller who spends his or her day in what the artist might call an excruciatingly numbing routine job that would kill him in a day. What will happen if all the routine people, the very people who make the world tick, decide to be creative people who hide in a basement all day sipping a strange mix of concoctions and puffing on unidentifiable things? I hear you saying a recipe for chaos. 

There are those to whom the dream life is to sit at counter, counting other people’s money all day. They too are entitled to the blissful reward that comes with what they do. Others may not necessarily understand his. The artist in doing his work needs patronage, support, sponsorship etc. When he puts his creation out there, he needs buyers who have earned their money by doing painful routine work. When the artist performs, he needs a large applauding crowed to feel relevant. The routine people after a hard day’s work look for relaxation with their family and friends so they patronize works of art. They decorate their homes with paintings and sculpture all to the benefit of the artist and the larger system.

The accountants, receptionists, bank tellers, statisticians, factory workers, clerks, drivers, security guards, police officers, nurses—the list is endless. They are the unsung heroes of the system who keep pushing day after day to make many things possible for those who want to be superstars or live what they call a dream life. They deserve our appreciation and respect. They need to know that things work for all of us because of what they do. They may not become superstars, never write a book and never travel the world. They are under no obligation to do these things. We do not all have the same dreams and we are each built for a different purpose. God in his infinite wisdom has made us in this manner— each one to his own journey. 

But one thing is certain, we are dependent on each other for one thing or another and as the Apostle Paul illustrated in Chapter12 of the book of  1st Corinthians, no one is more important than the other as no organ of the body is more important than another.  And like the Maslow wrote; “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, and a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be.” In that same vein, a teller must tell if he or she is to be at peace with the self. There is no tragi-comedy or absurdity that surpasses a person functioning in a role other than that for which they have a natural predisposition. 

So next time you see a person in shirt and tie slaving to make your life easy be sure to show some appreciation. Their dreams may not be the same as yours, they may not have ambition according to your standards, but they are serving perhaps a greater purpose than your so-called ambition. You do not have a better dream; just a different one. Shout out to all the ever smiling staff at the Airtel offices around the capital, always there to replace my sim card every time I lose my phone (and that’s one too many too times). I really don’t know what I would have done without them. #spidup

Note: The SPiD-UP® Performance Recognition Program was recently officially launched here in Accra. If you know anyone you think deserve recognition for their performance regardless of their occupation and position, you will be making the world a better place by nominating them for recognition.  Click here to nominate now. 

5 Reasons Why You Must build an Author Brand

Author Branding: It is the process of positioning an author as the center of attraction and influence, to be the preferred choice in a given theme, style, category, niche or genre. An author brand focuses more on the author than the books; it ensures that the author’s personality (style of writing, themes, genres) encourages readers to pick his/her books over any other author.

Author Branding is a powerful phenomenon that famous and well established authors used to keep their brands top-of-mind and gain added advantage in many ways.

In an age where brands (personal brands) have become very powerful in every sphere of business, I strongly believe that upcoming authors and writers who desire to make great impact in their writing careers should consider author branding as the preferred way to go.

Here are 5 Main Reasons Why You Must build an Author Brand:


The number one benefit of creating an author brand is that it establishes you as an expert, an authority in your chosen field; you become the go-to person. Try this, go to, or your local library, you will notice that every expert has a tag of a genre, category or theme. John C. Maxell will appear in the leadership expert, Nora Roberts – romance fiction. They are noted as an authority in those areas and they command great respect and influence. This makes their books the preferred one by people who might have not heard about them; this is referred to as Authority Marketing.

There is a huge competition among authors and books at the marketplace, with thousands’ of books released yearly. Many authors and books get wiped away by the competition and never get a fair taste of neither prominence nor money invested. With an author brand, you can easily stand out from the crowd to achieve the attention needed. In this case, your brand does the marketing.

In an age where people can easily publish contents and become authors, it is quite difficult to filter through to get great books and authors to follow. Your author brand will position you as a credible author which will attract to your business credible publishers to work with. Your readers and followers also get to trust you and you become a trusted icon in your field leading to media trust appearances. 

Have you noticed how readers rushed in for every release of the ‘Harry Potter’ series? Yea, that is it! J.K. Rowling’s author brand is so powerful that it has built a tribe; raving fans and followers of her books. This can only happen with the influence of an author brand; it builds its own fan base and loyal readers. People who will just be waiting for your next book release, they will go to every extent just to get your books. 

Book publishing does not come cheap; either electronic or print books, they all demand a huge investment of time and money. So, will it not be rewarding to have your hard work paid off with some profits? Sure! Even though authors publish books for many reasons, getting returns in terms of cash is rewarding.  At the peak of your author career and brand, it will require less effort to get your book selling. You would have had a loyal following, your authority and influence held in high-esteem, your books begin to drive sales automatically bringing in more royalties. 
I hope this will inspire you to begin your journey of building your author brand which will open many doors beyond your books.

For coaching and consulting contact  HYPERLINK “” Bernard Kelvin Clive

Bernard Kelvin Clive  is a Personal Branding Coach/Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, an A HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” mazon bestselling author of thirty published books. Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Podcast in Ghana/Botswana. He has helped hundreds of writers, poets, entrepreneurs, pastors locally and internationally to self-publish and built author brands.  Tel: +233244961121 |  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” 

4 TRAITS of Powerful Personal Brands


Influential personal brands have a clear purpose, which is the most important pillar of powerful brands —for without purpose and a clear direction of your life, brand and business, you will be building a fake brand.

The purpose should speak clearly to your promise of value. Your USP — Unique Selling Proposition.


  1. INNOVATIVESuccessful personal brands are agile, they are innovative and they are adaptable to change. They understand that brands and consumers do evolve so they adjust to the changing trends and times while staying relevant.“Innovation and technology drives my business” – Selorm A. Betepe 
  2. AUTHENTICInfluential personal brands understand that the best way to succeed is just being themselves. The world is tired of celebrities who ain’t themselves, they soon fade. Be your best self.“Remember it’s OK to be yourself.” – Richard Branson

You must be different to stand out!
The most powerful personal brands are the difference makers, they just don’t fit in, they break rules and set new standards. They have the philosophy of trail-blazers – either they are the first or among the best. Simply Creative!

“…purge mediocrity” – Nana K. Duah

Bernard Kelvin Clive  Personal Branding Coach/Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author of thirty published books. Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana.

7 Reasons Why Your Digital Presence Sucks 

…what you must do to fix it.

“Know your limit and circle of influence; you are not called to meet the needs of everyone” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

In summary this is it:

1.       You are trying so hard to impress people. (BE YOURSELF)

2.       You are on too many social media platforms, yet not active. (FOCUS)

3.       You don’t provide any value; less valuable content. ( CONTENT MARKETING)

4.       You wear too many hats; obsessed with titles without substance. (INTEGRITY)

5.       Your bio(about you) is not well written, full of errors and no call to action. (CLARITY)

6.       You keep spamming and stalking. (PERMISSION MARKETING)

7.       You don’t have a website or a well branded social media page. (WEBSITE)

Bernard Kelvin Clive  Personal Branding Coach/Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author of thirty published books. Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana.

Skype ID: bernardkelvin | Tel: +233244961121 | 

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