About Project SPiD-UP®

SPiD-UP® is primarily a peak performance awareness project created by CSD-Africa to develop high performance consciousness and behavior in Africa. To achieve the objective, there are four main vehicles through which the mission will be delivered.

Training (The SPiD-UP® Mini-College), 
Recognition (The SPiD-UP® Recognition program), 

Books (The SPiD-UP® Book series), 

Web Portal (The ww.SPiD-UP®.com)
A Rationale

It is no secret that the African continent is performing far below its true capacity. This is because its micro components; people are not functioning at full capacity. Driven by the keys of performance (occupational and life performance), SPiD-UP will develop awareness and engender peak performance thinking among individuals who will then influence groups. It will in the end improve human capital cause an overall shift in the output of the continent. High performing individuals make successful individuals that make successful organizations and successful nations. 

To accomplish the mission, the project is partnering with individuals and organization who are equally excited about contributing towards a better continent. Join us on this exciting journey.

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