Your uniqueness, your primary identity

Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you really are. Never look down on your believes. Don’t be sidetracked by the naysayers in your life. The same type of seed may be sown on the same land, on the same day and even be harvested on the same day but one interesting fact is that their fruits are of different sizes and shapes. Even twins born on the same day, brought up on the same environment, do not think and behave the same way. We are uniquely made with particular traits, abilities and inabilities. Your uniqueness is your primary identity, learn to value and appreciate your uniqueness. Knowing who we are, is a step towards self acceptance and improvement of oneself. Accept yourself to root out the inferiority, jealousy, envy and hatred in you. You cannot be the other person, never allow the uniqueness of others make you devalue yourself. You are specially made, love and value yourself. Life is never an easy road, but alternative routes are always available when you feel lost. Always choose the right way. Good morning and have a blissful day💘🥗🍇🍄😄🎋🍋💙⌚🍌🥒🎄🍁
By Divine Kpetigo
©2017 Copyright Reserved

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