Streetwise SME Seminar

The StreetWise! SMEs features young individuals who are filled with ideas and are blazing trails with their creativity and entrepreneurship, but lack the knowledge and skill to recognise and take advantage of relevant opportunities within their communities.
The CoinBox has put together a programme that seeks to groom these entrepreneurs by equipping them with the ABCs of starting up and running their own businesses. StreetWise! SME programme will also provide tools to help them deal with the potential difficulties they will face in business, through coaching.

This programme will equip the young entrepreneurs with  entrepreneurial skills, that will help bring their ideas to life and will be in 2 phases:

The StreetWise! SME Seminar

The StreetWise! Challenge

Whether all you’ve got is an idea or you already have a business up and running, and are looking to expand your market, StreetWise! is designed to take both individual entrepreneurs and teams through the process of building a viable company – from validating your concept to proving your business model in your industry or market.


StreetWise! SME Seminar

We have put together the StreetWise! SME Seminar to take participants through business planning, financial literacy, marketing and sales to make sure they are functionally correct and ready to help them streamline their business and raise the capital they need to move forward. Participants will gain practical experience in applying the knowledge acquired and further develop key skills and strategies to build successful businesses.

The scope and size of this workshop will enable unparalleled opportunities for learning, marketing and networking and will provide the chance for businesses to make valuable connections with consumers. The StreetWise! SME Seminar will be a day’s event to share insights from leading experts in entrepreneurship as well as innovative young disruptors who are changing the dynamics of enterprise in Ghana.

StreetWise! Challenge

The StreetWise! Challenge business competition and acceleration program for entrepreneurs is designed to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, grow jobs through startups, and increase awareness of the resources available to grow young entrepreneurs in Ghana. It is a competition for start ups and young apprentices and is open to any type of business idea. The StreetWise! Challenge is geared towards contributing to the alleviation of poverty by making entrepreneurship a sustainable solution to unemployment  in Ghana.

The Challenge is the first of a quarterly event by CoinBox. It is a competitive acceleration process that teaches, coaches, mentors, networks, and connects entrepreneurs to the knowledge and resources they need. Prospective entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging companies showcase and develop their business concepts while competing for prizes. The Challenge provides workshops and mentoring to support the founding, funding and growth of new and innovative businesses. The Challenge empowers entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas effectively to investors, customers and employees.

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