KofiTV is Giant Slayer

There are some things you don’t see every day. One of those is the slaying of giants by “minnows”. In my rather long article slaying giants, I try to make this point in more detail. This week however, I witnessed the slaying of many giants at a go. Another inspiring story of how the absolutely nobody appears on the scene and takes the giants of an industry by surprise. Every credible giant slaying story must go past Jack and his beanstalk and start at David. This is what team SPiD-UP witnessed this week when supposed minnows of the media took everyone including the major players by surprise. All we could see is the smoke and the tail lights disappearing in the distance.

At the Angie Hill Hotel in affluent East Legon, a plethora of stars and influential personalities gathered to celebrate Kofi Tv’s one year anniversary. Not something you hear every day from a company that delivers only over the internet. In a touching speech before a fantastic performance, the indefatigable gospel artist OJ made a touching speech about how Kofi Tv started with shots from a mobile phone. Nobody took them seriously at the time but within a year they have become a worldwide brand. Now if you know anything about the media business in Ghana, it is highly competitive to the point; full TV stations can barely break even. Having toured most of Europe doing interviews with Ghanaians all over, Kofi Tv reminds us of greetings from abroad except with more verve and grit.

But giant slayers are no ordinary folks. They are people who have through circumstances found the proverbial power within and put it work while functioning below the radar. Before Goliath, David had slayed bears and lions—more than enough training and experience needed to ground an uncircumcised Philistine. Kofi TV might be just a year old but not its people. Lead man Kofi “Owawani” Adomah had been a hard hitting newsman at Adom for years. He therefore brings a knockout punch kind of gravitas with him as he teamed up with a great crew lead by ace cameraman Paa Kow Ackom. That’s what happens when you get the team right. These guy have virtually dominated social media with live transmissions from some corner of the planet every other day ahead of the industry leaders. Exactly how this is possible is puzzling but it glows unconventional thinking and creativity—something that currently appears lacking in the media space.

The versatility of the production team was on full display when they dragged the amazing Kofi Kludjeson of Kludjeson International fame out of God knows where to give a speech at the event and what a speech it was.  Mr. Kludjeson is known to have introduced the internet into Ghana in the 90s and therefore had a few things to say on the matter of internet broadcasting. He was delighted that things could come this far and proposed that along with the government’s one-district-one-factory agenda, they could tag along a one-district-one-wifi. This he said could enable young people to do more by taking advantage of the opportunities the internet presents. He cited Kofi TV as the perfect example of what could happen in as little a time as 1 year.

The event was witnessed by CPP presidential candidate Ivor Greenstreet and many other personalities from all sides of the political divide as well as regular Kofi TV and R&L show personalities like Counselor luttrodt, Rev. Nicholas Kumchacha, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, lady Ann (who wowed every one with a song ministration) and many others.

At the tail end of the event, the team led by Kofi Adomah unveiled the new face of Kofi TV. The show has been rebranded and given a facelift as they prepare for an amazing year ahead. It was a fantastic atmosphere as the show was hosted by Andy Dusty and the rather shocking Baba Spirit—an interesting personality who kept guest laughing till the very end. How a giant could be slayed is a huge matter for discussion. But like everyone knows, the internet is an open space where anything is possible. See what you can do within it and if you happen to want to slay a giant, be sure that it has been done before. Your task is now cut out for you. We look forward to your one year anniversary.

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