Be an Outlier 

This is something I want to share with the world.
Don’t stop right there. You can take a rest but don’t quit. You have to put your heart in the game and keep playing like it’s nobody’s business.
I find it interesting to know that we can grab wisdom from a lot of books, messages and podcasts. But what happens if you wake up one day and for some strange reasons you can’t find any? Ever thought of that?
Inside our hearts and mind is the everyday wisdom and encouragement we need to make it. I believe we can be outliers if we really stick our heart so hard to the game. A lot of people will keep telling you why you can’t do it but hard work with determination never failed any body and you can ask Ben Carson, a dumb kid who rose to greatness or a young Harvard guy who chose to drop out to start his own business…and no doubt that became a Gate to his greatness and believe me or not that was going to pay the Bill. I am talking about Bill Gates. I think I can go on and on and talk about a lot of people who are making it. What these people had in common wasn’t luck or status. Ben Carson wasn’t a rich kid but Gates was. What these guys had in common was the everyday thing we forget to see OPPORTUNITY.  Ben Carson had the opportunity to visit the community library after school everyday when his mum insisted he and his brother does so. He didn’t like it but He grabbed it! And that became the turning point of his life. Gates began programing at an early stage. He sacrificed most of his night so that he could use a computer at the University of Washington because that time was the only time he could get unlimited access to the computer. 
Look around you and find what is staring close at you and grab it! Look far and stretch a little bit and hold unto it. My friend Nesta wrote an article some time ago about how to be lucky and he made  profound statements in there. You can create your own luck everyday and I bet you can. You only have to look hard enough and grab that opportunity. Sometime ago I was thinking what I could do with my talent and passion for writing if facebook or whatsapp didn’t exist. Or there was nothing like wordpress to blog about any of the amazing things i share a lot of the time.  But I am glad such opportunities and many exist for people like me who aspire to be amazing writers someday and I am happy to share with the world what I have. I have had people say that I don’t want to post anything because people might not like it or comment on it. Well I have something to tell you and it is what I got from the book Outliers. What I want to call the 10000 hour rule.
“And what’s ten years? Well, it’s roughly how long it takes to put in ten thousand hours of practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic of greatness.” – Malcolm Gladwell.
So who cares if people like it or not? The truth you’ve got about ten good years to be a progidy and if i were you i will forget about everything now and start the journey.
Finally i want to share an inspiration i came across this morning…

Aim for the stars and you will reach the moon. Whoever said this obviously forget to tell you that you will need work your butt off to build a rocket first.
Be an Outlier!

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