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“You are the first brand ambassador of your company” – Bernard kelvin Clive

The idea of promoting one’s brand sometimes seem a herculean task for quite a number of people, especially introverts. Others push it over to their marketing department to market the brand.

However, in today’s business, every single person is part of the marketing and promotion of the brand. If you don’t believe in your brand nor invest in it, nobody would. More especially startup brands, you as the CEO will be the face of your brand.

I have identified two types of CEOs;

1. The visible CEO- those who lead from the front – they are loud and want to champion the brand progress. A typical example is Richard Branson of the Virgin Group.

2. The hidden CEO- they don’t want to be seen in the limelight; they want to quietly influence from behind. An example is Osei Kwame Despite of the Despite Group of companies.

Either way, they will all deliver to ensure the success of the brand and business. What type of CEO are you and how can you use your style to effectively promote your brand?

Whichever you may be, endeavor to use it to push your brand forward. Remember: People will buy into you and your vision first before your brand and business.

Bernard Kelvin Clive

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