The issue of woman abuse is not just a community problem. Neither is it a country problem; it is a worldwide problem. Day in and day out, women are abused by men who by the unwritten rubrics of marriage are supposed to protect, love and encourage them. On KNUST campus one night in my hostel, there was an uproar which forced students out of their beds to find out what was going on. A gentleman who happened to be from another hostel had come to our hostel to beat up his girlfriend. Last year, the news of a taxi driver who stabbed his girlfriend to death shocked the country. A pregnant woman was also assaulted with an electric iron by her husband and was left to rot in a locked room after she had died. There are many more untold stories as many women continue suffer abuse in secrecy.

These women have been beaten by men who had once loved them. Some argue that perhaps women of today provoke such treatment from men because of their own behaviors. The modern woman is far from the submissive, near-timid woman prescribed by culture. But do two wrongs make a right? Is violence the best way out? In making the film; half a song to sing, our aim was to give voice to women who are victims of abusive relationships and propose a simple solution-Run!  Run from the situation ad seek help, run to seek counsel and shelter, run to save their very lives. No body deserves to be mistreated. The woman is the man’s reflection and as he is, so she is. She is an embodiment of his love. If she is treated well, she blossoms.

Half a song is poetry and a fine work of art in one. It is a short metaphorical story of a woman in an abusive relationship. The true status of her relationship is left to silence. In the end however she says: “he is my husband”. She is a representative of the many living with abusive men. Most women believe that men automatically become their husbands once they move in with them. This fallacy of a marriage can become an obstacle to wanting to break free. Many think it could be a “waste of time” trying to come out of such a relationship and hence, continue to suffer in silence.

Half a song to sing is a blend of poetry and moving pictures.  While a joyful challenge for the team, the idea is certainly not new to film making. Telling such an important story in only three minutes forced the team to think outside the proverbial box. We had to come up with a concept which will not only entertain but also inform and stimulate public interest. In the end we believe the film has become the voice of the many who suffer in silence.

We can all be a voice for the voiceless no matter the platform available to us, even if it is a short film. Vote for “Half a Song to Sing” (http://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/2607)

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