Preview: Role Model Africa Corporate Dialogue III

I saw this poster and it was easy to recognize the source. Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh! Invents!! Role Model Africa!! I took a closer look and what I saw drew a wide grin upon seeing two names headlining the poster. Michael Okyere Darko – OBRAFUOR and the ever enigmatic Bernard Avle.

(Food: paused, Standing fan:switched to maximum speed, Sleeves:Folded up, DVD: slotted in ‘Pae mu ka’ CD. Songs played in background)

About five years ago, on one quiet breezy afternoon, and in the company of three friends, I found myself in a certain house somewhere in Accra. Our hosts were setting up the compound to host a group of Believers to a bread-breaking time as Christ himself has ordained. As we waited for the action to begin, I saw this beautiful little girl, running around, playing and smiling. While my friends and i played with her, my host told me that the little girl is Obrafuor’s seed. Wow. 

Until then, I had not met the ‘Executioner’ in person though I have always admired his literary, oratory, musical and lyrical powers. He is in my candid view the Okomfo Anokye of Ghana Rap. Surprisingly, My host said Obrafuor was indoors.

“Obrafuor? Here?”


I did not believe my host for all the banku in the world. It did not strike him to challenge me to a bet; I’d have lost.

Nothing, Hell nothing showed that legendary Obrafuor could be in one of the rooms of that humble building yet it was true. We urged our host to let us see him. He agreed.

After few minutes, Obrafuor came out, smiling, saw his little girl and patted her before coming to greet each one of us who were then seated. My heart raced. We stood up too. I was dumbstruck as I peered into his face hoping to see the content of his mind through his head. I wanted to know how he does it. Ok, hold on right there. Something happened which fortified my respect for the General.

“Obrafuor, can you give us a free style?” I asked.

“Bro, my style is not free” he answered with a lovely smile of a father to a son.

My goodness! what a sharp mind in every sense of the word. We took photographs (not selfies. selfies were unimaginable then). He thanked us for our time and without fanfare went back into his room. That day, my love for his works and for the beauty of poetry in/and music was strengthened.

And for those ruling the airwaves now with their music; Sarkodie, Manifest, El and Co, who also are putting Ghana on the world map and generating millions in revenue, they have this man, Michael Okyere-Darko to thank profusely for setting alight their paths.

Bernard Avle? The first time I saw him, He was Master of Ceremony at a Fidelity/Graphic Business Meeting at Alisa Hotel. The second time, he was Master of Ceremony at the 2016 National Convocation of Springboard and after the event was hounded by ambitious youth who wanted all styles and degrees of Selfies. From a corner, I watched him, his fluidity and humanness. Twice, Yes, twice, but I follow his weekday acts on Citifm via my twitter handle @sharkmellon1

This is the third edition of Role Model Africa Corporate Dialogue. What do I expect to gain from the conference? To hear Obrafuor and Bernard say things I don’t already know, to challenge me to success and to blow my mind. What about you?

Samuel and the Invents Team. You are biiiiiiiggggggg men (In Bernard Avle’s voice). See you there people! 22nd May, 2016. 3pm, African Reagent Hotel.  

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