Miriam’s Career Fair

The Enquiry Agency begun in the year 2013. As a student I always wanted to study tourism however my dad mistook it for hospitality management and I wasn’t allowed to read it. Gradually upon interaction with an aunt my love for procurement was kindled. Based on this experience the Enquiry Agency was born. What if I had received the opportunity to interact with anybody in the area of tourism? Perhaps I could have read tourism and lived my dream. Every 4 years students all over Ghana are faced with this challenge. Sometimes young people have little knowledge about the areas we have interest in. The Enquiry Agency seeks to give every student the opportunity to interact with people who are successful in the areas the student seems to have interest in. 
Sometimes these students are given the opportunities to volunteer. Are we going to give up on our dreams just because are local universities do not find our grades worthy of programs we have interest in? Why do we then give up? We give up because like any normal student we are scared; scared because we have no idea as to where to go or who to look up to in our areas of interest. If only we have the opportunities to interact with people who were once like us but yet against all odds run after their dreams, we will be inspired to do same. Come join us at the career fair on the 9th of April 2016 Grab a ticket :0248165851/0206080406
Team SPiD-UP considers this program a very useful one for young people to gain some knowledge of industries they might be interested in. This will help shape their thoughts and influence their choices for life towards a better Africa. We encourage you to participate.
Markus Kennedy Katey- Project lead

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