Corporate Dialogue with Oil Magnate at Role Model Africa

Role Model Africa is a mentoring program that connects young persons in Africa to role models. The key feature of Role Model Africa is a Corporate Dialogue that engages African personalities with influence beyond Africa. The Corporate Dialogue enables the Role Model to share his successes and challenges in business in an open dialogue to curious audience from across Africa. The mentoring platform is designed to preserve African values of hardwork and excellence by way of enabling personalities who have made significant impact on the continent to share their stories so younger ones can learn from them and sustain the heritage.  The concept is to say that Africans can serve as their own role models by telling their stories and mentoring younger ones. Oil Expert and entrepreneur, Mr. Caleb Ayiku will make his appearance at the second edition of Role Model Africa to share insights in the area of finance and business in Africa and particularly Ghana  as he speaks on the theme ‘Financing the African Business‘. 
Role Model Africa is designed to attract African Presidents, Business Owners, Founders of Churches,  Founders of African global Companies, International African leaders, African Policy and decision Makers, Influential personalities in the arts, Business Magnates, Investors and you name them.

Various mentorship opportunities are available through the umbrella of Role Model Africa. Individuals can sign up for the One-On-One mentoring session or come together as groups for the Business Mentoring Class. The Magnate Community’ provides mentorship for families and friends in a rather informal approach. INVENTS Mentoring Hubs are available on various campuses to train and mentor students.

The second edition of the Corporate Dialogue is scheduled for Sunday 24th January 2016 at the African Regent Hotel, Accra-Ghana from 3pm to 6pm and will be honored by Oil expert, Mr. Caleb Ayiku, C.E.O. of Breakthrough Consult.

Over 18 years, the Role Model has distinguished his career in several sectors in Africa. Caleb has rich experience as a Chemical Engineer working for over thirteen years in downstream petroleum industry in Africa. Aside working with and rising to the position of Managing Director at Engine Petroleum with affiliates in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya, Mr. Ayiku also worked as Country Manager for Oando Ghana Limited.

A trainer and management consultant, Caleb Ayiku has trained and consulted with several blue chips companies including Barclays Bank, Citi FM, Enterprise Insurance and FEDEX.

The Role Model who is also the co-founder of Rex Oil Limited will be sharing perspectives on the theme ‘Financing the African Business’ to impact businesses in Ghana and Africa at large. 

The Convener; Mr. Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh shares that the program is opened to the general public and will attract audience from various parts of Africa. Audiences are expected to be seated 30 minutes ahead of the program.

Event tickets can be purchased ahead of the program. The public can contact 0503183555 and 0503183699 to have tickets delivered to them at their convenience. Further details available on the website of INVENTS (

Role Model Africa is an initiative by INVENTS Foundation, a mentoring organization that focuses on raising young people as Leaders and Entrepreneurs before they turn 25.

Since October 2007, INVENTS has been consistent in using personal Leadership models and projects to reach out to millions of young people through its Mentorship Hubs on various tertiary campuses.

Our flagship programs and projects include: the She Magnate Project, Role Model Africa, and Ideas Pulpit.

Our events have attracted remarkable personalities such as Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi ; Founder and Presiding Bishop of VBCI, Dr. Yaw Perbi ; Global C.E.O. of the HuD Group , Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan; Founder and C.E.O. of L’aine Services, and Mrs. Comfort Ocran; Co-Founder Legacy And Legacy.

The Premiere of Role Model Africa was honored by Dr. Samuel Onwona, as guest to be interviewed on the platform. Dr. Onwona is a former World Bank Official.

Role Model Africa: We tell a story.

Credit: Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

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