Are You Walking In Shoes That Don’t Fit?

We live in a confused world where our everyday lives seem to be dictated by a bunch of other confused sapiens. The media is their primary means of pushing their ideas on us without giving us the luxury of time to decide whether we love their propositions or not.

You feel lonely? Naa, that’s a bad way to feel. Watch Television, have Sex, try all dating sites. You feel depressed? That’s devilish. It’s time to pay attention to antidepressants ads calling. Day in and day out our lives are directed by the masses, who, possibly lost, are also finding themselves. Celebrities teach weird love mantras, a lot fall for it yet they themselves fail in their marriages and soon you gonna do too.

Education won’t permit risk, how dare you try to disagree with Newton. No more curiosity. Where is the Magic? No more self passion because it seems the world has an already made manual for you wrapped in religious, cultural and race excuses. You are Christian and that’s it, that’s how far you can go.

No black folk can do that, No, let me take it again. Black folks aren’t supposed to do that! (and I am talking about success and progress). My ideas are gonna sound weird and like I always say anybody can misquote me or disagree with me.

We are all here on a short visit. Find your voice. Don’t let the masses always speak for you. Find your solitude; sometimes you just don’t need people. Make mistakes, you are human and you are the author of your own manual. This way, you will know for yourself what works and what does not work for you.

Pursue fulfillment and happiness, make a map, pull out your compass and patiently search for what will make you happy. You are not here for anybody. You are here to represent you as a single individual. Our lives are interconnected with others. Find the link where you fit in. Have regular fellowships with those who motivate you to be better. Forget the rest.

You don’t understand something, go find out yourself. Read, Read, and Read. You see a post or article somewhere, sit your ass down and read it. It doesn’t hurt to add more information to what you already know. Give way to questions, yes question nature, and question the universe.

Question God! 

Let them feel your roar! Don’t settle for just anything. Pick yourself up when you fall. Take a hand when you are given. Someday you gonna look back on every single moment of your life. A lot of things might not be right but your life was changing and that’s what living is. It’s only the dead who have no chance to try it again. People are going to touch a place in your heart deeper than you thought you possessed.

They gonna leave all sorts of beautiful and nasty things, smiles, tears, grief, happiness, pain. That’s just a limited amount of our true selves’ emotions evolving out of our soul. We are made with a bigger capacity to accommodate intense emotions, made with a rocket of self desires that shoot up there, touches the core of the universe and explodes. Bam!

Like the big bang’s theory. Shake the universe a little and send waves and signals to every creature on earth announcing your existence. Take it. Take time while you have it and let things work out for themselves. Wait till you see how much more deeply you can love and live it. Don’t go too far in your search for God. He’s right there inside you and he doesn’t wanna live in there like ‘man’ who comes and goes.

God reside in you as you. Don’t spend all your life on Facebook looking for pretty faces to send friend request and start calling them baby and cutie. I am not your baby. I am not your cutie. I am a young fellow going somewhere and I want only like-minded crazy ‘misfits’ to run along with. Men who gonna break the rules and do simple things in an extraordinary manner.

If you are not convinced and still want to call me baby, then man you gonna have to bring some pretty good sense to the table and we gonnasolve problems together and make this world a better place. Do you know just what I am gonna do? I am gonna live life like a ‘motherf**ker!’ Screw the laws (ha! Not the good ones though) I’m gonna live like a hustler and you think that’s a strong word? Ask google- Intensely energetic and enthusiastic person, I’m gonna live like a dynamo. I mean I’m gonna be that crazy enough to chase my dream, oh no that’s mediocrity.

It might run ahead of me. I’m gonna catch up with my dream, get hold of it, swallow into my belly and then take full charge.  I’m gonnarun as far as I can go with it. I’m gonnacross rivers, climb mountains, jump over hills. I’m gonna be a genius in my own way.

I’m gonna be the world’s greatest.

Live fully.

The writer, Josephine Amofaah Nketiah can be reached directly at She blogs at

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