SPiD-UP® Performance Recognition Program Activated!

It is a known fact that there are countless unsung heroes around the world who’s efforts in their daily occupations have very significant impact on their environment. Yet they do not receive any recognition for their hard work. Indeed there cannot be enough award programs as we know them; to accommodate the many people who are making change and brightening their little corners. According to president of CSD-Africa and projector director of project SPiD-UP®; Markus K. Katey, the SPiD-UP® recognition program was created to meet this very important need.

According to him, the objective of the project is to help in the quest for a performance conscious continent and one of the ways to encourage people to strive to be their best as a way of life is recognition. It is therefore unfortunate that very few out of the many who are really doing great work get recognized. He said it is also a known fact that many of the awards schemes around are not authentic enough and therefore there is a need for programs like this one. He insisted that the program is different from any award scheme in that, it is not industry specific and literally everyone qualifies to be nominated. It will then be up to the SPiD-UP® team to examine the nominee and ascertain whether they are in fact high performing individuals in their occupations.

He added that the project hopes to recognize and award 10 nominees every month across the continent and encourages everyone to take the opportunity to nominate people who are demonstrating high performance in their work. He stated; “If you appreciate someone’s work whether an individual or organization, or perhaps impressed with a product, you have an obligation to nominate them just as you must speak up when you believe they are under-performing. Together we can get the whole continent performing.”  I would like to encourage organizations to outsource their recognition programs to us as all they then have to do is nominate and sponsor staff members. We will take care of the rest and arguably give the nominee more than employers possibly can.

Nominations can be made on the project website; www.spid-up.comby literally anyone. Nominees will be screened and awarded in compliance with the terms and conditions (available at spid-up.com). It is indeed a commendable effort and the SPiD-UP® and CSD Africa team deserves our support. The project is currently recruiting sponsors. Get more info 


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