Customer Romantiques I

Customers are the very blood of any business. A business that looses customers is heading towards its death but the business that knows how to gain, maintain and maximise customers will thrive.  The question of businesses success therefore revolves around these three elements that must of neccesity be the primary occupation of the people who work within the business. The success of the business therefore depends on people doing their jobs well enough and this in turn depends on knowing the job and understanding how to do it at their best. Quality persons make quality products and quality services – customer satisfaction is directly dependent on this. Peak performers ensures successful business through customer satisfaction. This is a matter that must concern every single in the business and not only those in the customer care department. Tomorrow at the British council from 9 am,  level 1 of the Customer Romantiques program will be on full display with J N Halm of the Customer Romance fame as lead facilitator and Markus Kennedy Katey (Hopeman) as supporting facilitator.  You must want to be a part of this experience.  Call or whatsapp Adepa on 020 983 4449 to participate

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