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At the end of every year, millions of people set goals and develop resolutions for the coming New Year. 90% of these goals and resolutions are never attained. Configure was created to make that a thing of the past. The problem is largely due to the narrow view most people have about resolutions, goals and success in general. They do not realize that the attainment of their beautiful goals is directly dependent on their performance. New actions bring new results and in that manner the new focus on performance as the means by which one will obtain success is bound to bring new results. Configure ensures this.
Configure is a collection of materials (i.e. information and attached exercises) ad activities that together make a seminar designed to transform the individual into a high performing person over a set period of time– referred to in the program as a time block.The program first and foremost treats a year as a time block and breaks it into its four quarters helping the participant to set strategic goals and developing performance strategies to ensure their goals are achieved. 
The seminar is delivered at the beginning of the year and repeated at the beginning of every quarter providing participants with guidance for the use of materials and an opportunity for quarterly evaluation and realignment. Ultimately you will achieve a better performance in your occupation as the means by which you will influence your existence. Your occupation takes most of your time and hence it is the key influencer of your larger existence and provides the only opportunity to be successful in life. There is no success without first treating performance in the one vehicle that makes success possible in the first place. In this regard configure is different from other similar programs that promises success without treating what makes it possible.
It is performance enhancement tool in short and guarantees success because success is only possible when there is high performance.

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