Why you work hard to underachieve

Following my post about the success of Yvonne Nelson’s movie premier, I feel compelled to share with you what I meant by assets and why they influence performance. The idea was borrowed from the Uptimetrics® foundation training program.

Gaining full performance is possible when you identify all your assets and aligned them all into a working unit in your favor. This is based on the presupposition that all entities or people if you like, have assets and liabilities. Assets fire you forward whiles liabilities obstruct you, weigh you down and set you back. To gain full speed in your performance therefore, it is important not only align your assets but also to either eliminate, convert or minimize your liabilities (the things that fight your performance).

Often when people become aware of their assets, there is an enthusiasm to engage and the feeling is fantastic. Soon however, it becomes evident that the individual is not peaking. This will happen when the liability factor has not been dealt with. Liabilities often manifest as leakages that keeps you in the same place no matter how much power you are generating from your assets. What is liability or asset is not the same for everyone. Remember; one of my favorite mantras; there is no-one-size-fits-all solution to anything.  Perhaps you have seen one of those vehicles that make all the noise yet don’t move much. In the same manner there are people who work really hard but achieve very little.

In truth many of us are at this stage as we are not clear about what our assets and liabilities are. This is not so easy to figure out with the number of things we have to deal with these days. This is where a performance coach can help. If athletes need  coaches to ensure they get the right results then so do you. Some of the most successful people around the world have personal coaches who work with them on very regular basis. Some have coaches without really knowing they have one. A person who is not in your situation may see things about you that you don’t see about yourself. He might also be able to assess your condition in a more dispassionate manner than you can. And if he has experience he will be able to share with you how to deal with some issues.

This idea brings structure to your engagement which transforms your chaotic situation into an orderly one. Order is one of the beautiful attributes of structure as it brings clarity. Clarity doesn’t mean your problems are solved. It just simply allows you to easily identify trouble spots and deal with them with an improved degree of ease. Of course there is more to the idea than what I can tell you in one blog post. It is better captured in my second book of the SPiD-UP book series which will be available soon.

So there it, you have been given a sample helping of the philosophy of peak performance. To increase your performance, take stock of everything you can prefix with My. Analyze them all through and decide which one pushes you towards your goal and which one does the opposite. Eliminate and align accordingly and be a superman …erm woman too.

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