Why you work hard to underachieve Pt. 2

There were a few questions that arose from my last post regarding the assets and liability idea. So I decided to do another post to bring some clarification to the matter. I believe these posts are going to lead us in a whole new direction forcing me to bring up topics that I had not planned to treat. It appears a discussion on people dynamics and people-centrism is will make an apt top up.

I said in my last post that anything you can prefix with the word “MY” will automatically fall in one category- asset or liability. This means literally everything you can claim any degree of ownership to. We already know that assets fire you towards your goal and liabilities do the very opposite in more than one way. My plan is to clarify the idea better by providing some examples.

The things you own includes people in a sense and I am not challenging the notion that people have their personal freedoms which must it must be respected at all cost. But you do refer to your parents as My parents and your pastor as MY pastor as you will refer to your shoes as MY shoes. The word MY therefore attempts (no matter how feeble) to shave off the sovereignty of the people in your life. They are a part of your world and to some extent tools in your hand. How you use these tools and the outcomes of that usage will either push you towards your goal or hinder your progress. This of course makes people-centrism and people dynamics important topics and I shall treat them in my next post.

Spouses are major elements in any person’s life or world. This means that your spouse plays a key role in your attempt to maximize your existence. If the spouse turns out to be an asset person then you function with double power. This gives meaning to the point made in the book of proverbs; “he who finds a wife finds a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22). Now without digressing to far I should clarify that a wife is only a wife is she is an asset person. This is because a wife is supposed to be a helpmeet. Being supportive to a husband is really what makes a woman into a wife. For this reason a woman is not a wife until there is a husband to help. This is reversible to for husbands as there is such a thing as an asset man or husband.

For this reason no one person is functioning at full power unless united with a spouse who fires them towards their goal. Regardless of how successful a person is, they can always be more with the support of a wife. As we all know two heads are better than one. The upshot of this is that, the one who intends to maximize their existence is careful in their choice of a spouse. There must be a common interest between one’s life enterprise and the choice of a spouse. As Benny Hinn said to a group of young leaders, “find the calling before you choose the spouse”. Where there is a mismatch, one cannot maximize their occupation and therefore cannot maximize their existence.

So people in your life can be assets or liabilities. Your parents, children, friends, siblings, colleagues will all fall into one group or the other. What is an asset to one person might actually be a liability to another. If you drive one of those cars that take more out of you than it gives you; liability. Project the assets and loose or minimize the liabilities and you will gain more power.

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