The Uncertainty of Success

So everyone wants to succeed these days. Not that it wasn’t the case with previous generations but ours for reasons I cannot phantom just seems a smidgen more urgent. We are the Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins generation after all. We have more motivational speakers than any other generation can boast of and we love them apparently. Absolutely nothing wrong with that except many of us just seems to think we can do it by being normal. Normal is fine but it doesn’t make you that outstanding person you would like to be. Normal here refers to performing at an average level being like most people.

How much you put into something determines how much you will get out of it. That’s like life’s little law you cannot break. No one is exempted. For this reason success must begin with performance. Those who are the best at what they do are likely to be successful. Most of the people we call successful are not simply people who set a goal and reached it. Most people here refer to those who are doing things beyond what most people are doing and that’s a very few number of people. Think about this very carefully.

Most of the people who set SMART goals and reach them you never really hear about. Many of the people you see flying high have probably not even reached the goals they have set yet. In between these two, there are a variety of others. So that the high performing guy/chic is really the one people look at when they think about success. The guy who makes doing something looks easy. The one people point to when they look for the best or one of the best at something in particular. That’s the person you want to be and you want to be that person BEING what you know how to BE best. If you can be that thing, your success is well on its way. I hold the view that perhaps the term peak performance itself maybe a fallacy as it is not possible to know how much more a person could have done when they pass on. I am sure most people will agree and that such men like Steve Jobs and Bob Marley could have given the world more. Yet were they not outstanding men of their days with plans to achieve more in the future?

Upshot; it doesn’t really matter what success means to you. I say this because in my work as a performance coach my interaction with people on a daily basis reveals something different every time. So I have to agree with those who hold that success is simply deciding on something to achieve and actually achieving it. Size doesn’t really matter at this point although; there is quite a room for further discussion. If it’s about money, you get that when the demand for your service goes up and that happens simply because you are that good at what you do. If it’s about changing the world and making a difference I can assure you; that will not happen by you doing average things. Change comes only by doing more than the usual. Regardless of what you think you want, performance is what counts in the final analysis. Here is a cold fact: nobody hires anybody for their certificate. They hire you because the certificate means you have had some training that means you can give them what they want. Which high performance in a particular activity or they won’t bother with the interview. Even if they hire the first guy who shows up, they have made a case of punctuality. Once you are hired it is all down to performance or you won’t have that job for long. To do well in your life you have to do well with whatever is in your hands at any given point in time.

Your employer wants you to be the best, your God wants you to be the best, your parents want you to be the best. You must want to be the best. All you have really is your life and God gave it to you for a reason. Don’t be like the last servant in the parable of the talent who buried his talent in the ground when others where making profits on theirs. Be the best you can be! SPiD-UP® is here to help you achieve that. 

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