People Dynamics Vrs. People-centrism

If you have read my two part post on why you work hard to underachieve, then you have run into these words. In this post I will try to explain the difference between the two and their relevant to the maximization of your existence.

People-centrism is about functioning with people as the center of your existence. You live because of others; your life is about other people. Whiles I am aware of some of the counter-worldviews presented by some titans of philosophy, I am convinced by the superior example of Jesus. I submit that he is the single most accomplished individual to ever walk the earth. This is evident in his legacy which has not stopped growing thousand years after his departure. Scripture teaches that the period of his engagement was only three years. In that period he achieved more than any other individual in the history of the world. The reason is simple; his objective was to save the whole world. For this, the world owes him some attention and that includes his critics. It is impossible to ignore him. His is the perfect example of a maximized existence.

Those who understand the power of living for others have been able to use it to achieve great things. Such men as Mahatma Ghandi, Kwame Nkrumah, Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr. Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and many others literally followed this Christ example of sacrificing their lives for others and the result of that life is clear for everyone to see. People-centrism in born out of altruism and it has been proven to be the most effective way to perpetuate the existence of any group. The existence of any group is dependent on the survival of its individuals and therefore the group will cease to exist if it starts to destroy its individuals ceteris paribus.

People dynamics whiles related to people-centrism is a more complex matter in practice than in theory. The complexity stems from the fact that whiles people are tools in our hands; they are not to be used as the means to ends but must be treated as the end itself- people centeredness. It is concerned with how to deal with people in our world in order to reach our objectives. It deals with issues of converting liability to asset by repositioning ourselves- socio-emotional competence. The books of proverbs and ecclesiastics are loaded with people dynamics wisdom. Perhaps it will be very useful to have an example here:

Everybody likes to receive or get. It assures them of their continuous existence. For this reason they will love and protect the source of this assurance. To understand this one must pay attention to the person they give to very often and how they treat the person who gives to them. When compared to how we feel about those whose action challenges our continuous very existence, we begin to get a better understanding of this idea. However, there are instances when elimination becomes the useful option for both the eliminator and eliminatee. A typical example is one we hear from most success crusaders;

Do not hang with the wrong people,
who you associate with will determine who you become,
show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

Often it is in the interest of both parties to not be together as their acquiescence with each other has negative impact on both parties. Important questions arise concerning what the best way of dealing with such situation is. People dynamics is called into action at this point. So that people dynamics compliments people-centrism, although the two have very different concerns. In Uptimetrics® the two are treated under the topic of socio-emotional competence (a Hegelian-dialectical product of emotional and social intelligence). I shall soon start publishing papers on Uptimetrics® in order to present some of these topics in their more technical manifestations for deeper understanding.  Please feel free to ask questions if you have any. 

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