Meet Peak Performance PT III | The Emergence of Structure

This is the final part of a three part presentation. It will be useful to read the previous parts first for better understand.

In the previous parts, we saw the emergence of the two levels of performance and how the micro influences the macro. This must prompt the invocation of one of the laws of nature (a major topic of discussion in Uptimetrics®), what C.S Lewis refers to as the moral laws. Among which is the “as above, so below law” made famous by the esoteric fraternity. It is in fact the very nature of God’s creation which is no secret at all to the observing eye. By this law then, the peak experience in the moment; what I have termed occupational orgasm is only but the micro and therefore life maximization is a giant orgasm as it is the accumulation of occupational orgasms experienced on a daily basis. This is what many speakers will refer to as fulfillment or success in life or being at peace with one’s self or in our case the maximization of existence. This then must be the life goal of any entity. The postulating of a goal will require a way to reach it; for it is also the nature of things (laws of nature) that a destination will need a path. So we see that a vision will need a mission as a business objective will require a business model. The what needs a the how to be possible. This is the realm of structure which we will come to see as the master key to any possible maximization of existence.

The objective and the path to reach it form the structure that allows the process of reaching a goal to be possible in the first place. The entity then that makes use of this structure can be referred to as the content. Structure is the arrangement and order of things. Whiles it’s benefits are endless, it primarily breeds order and clarity which makes easy the identification of things. Indeed the very arrangement of the micro and the macro levels of things represent structure. Structure is present everywhere in nature. Its primary purpose is to enable the workings of content by providing a path and allowing its effort. This is why water as content needs pipes as structure to travel to a destination. Electricity will needs cables for transportation and a destination. Even radio waves needs specific frequencies on which they must travel. Cars will need roads and trains will need their tracks. The business goal will need a strategy. Thoughts will need a book to manifest.
By the forgone we see that the very nature of the structure will determine the final outcome of everything. For if the pipe leaks, pressure will be low and not enough water will reach the intended destination. It is this same pipe that determines the destination which must be reached and therefore if it changes direction, it breaks the order and water does not get to the right place. Whiles this is negative, the presence of structure makes it easy to trouble shoot one’s way to a solution. So that a broken pipe is identifiableand fixable.

Information which is what humans function on must also succumb to structure as it is the order of things (moral law). Whether man is a victim of the Tabula Rasa phenomenon or not, he must learn as he progresses along life’s journey. By observation he gains information about his environment as the structure and of himself as its primary content. He sees that the more he unites with structure the more progress he makes. By another law however, the nature of things are the same above and below, within and without. With this understanding then, the information he acquires is of two kinds; Structure information and content information.

By structure information he understands the arrangement of life itself dealing with such things as objectives and the means by which he must get there and why. The second information then is what he gains as a trade—the means by which he can engage and be of use. By this we understand then that a lawyer is lawyer only because he is in possession of information that makes one a lawyer (that could be anybody), that’s content. However what determines whether he is a good lawyer or not is dependent on how he applies this information. He needs information on how to live life effectively towards a maximization of his existence applying his legal knowledge. In fact it is structure that determines what his profession must be for it is also the nature of things that a person must follow a specific purpose to a specific end and structure information is how he comes into this understanding.

In his formal education however, he loses the balance born out of the unity of structure and content. He gains only content education (what he must engage with) at the expense of structure (how he must engage). He is not complete and this shows in his lack of understanding of his environment, himself and how the two fit together. By this lack of understanding he goes about his business conflicting with the flow of life; breaking the very moral laws that was made for his advantage. His true potential is never reached because of this conflict with structure and he never experiences the occupational orgasm we are concerned with. His performance is challenged on all levels and this affects his self-esteem.

I have used the word entity several times in this series for the convenience of easy identification; the moral laws apply to persons just as it applies to organizations. So that the methods used to gain peak performance by individuals are not that different for organizations and nations. I have demonstrated that an individual needs a goal and a path to get to it just like organizations. We have also seen that the individual is the micro component of the organization and therefore the performance of the organization is directly dependent on the individual.

It is of primary importance for organizations and nations to recognize the fact that, high performing individuals are guaranteed to make a high performing organization and ultimately successful nations. For this reason a well-informed population will have great influence on a nations output.  High performance begins with awareness and this is why the SPiD-UP® book series begins with performance awareness. Gaining information affects perception and results in a change of behavior. CSD Africa was created to provide the other (Structure) education that makes one complete resulting in a high performing personality who will influence the ultimate output of any group they find themselves in. To do this, the right structure is needed as we have seen. Project SPiD-UP® is one of CSD Africa’s main vehicles to achieve this. SPiD-UP® and its three gates of training and exercises as well as books were designed to develop high performance mindset  


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