The cycles that influence your performance

God in his infinite wisdom created the cycles of time as the structure within which we must function. He knew that for something to exist it needs a structure within which it can exist. We will need a sense of beginning in order to have a sense of direction. Because of his first command (let there be light—the installation of the time structure) we now have day and night that expands its way to years and eons. It also stretches towards seconds and nanoseconds and all of these are cyclical.

It is the sixty cycles of the seconds that makes the minute and the sixty cycles of the minute makes an hour. Twenty for cycles of the hour will make a day before it all starts over again. These are so important to the very structure of life that, it appears as if the misplacement of one cycle can lead to a cosmic disaster. When one of the seconds goes missing a minute cannot be complete. When this happens even the year cannot be complete. It is one second short and hence not be what it is supposed to be. The maximization of any existence is the result of a maximization of the cycles.

I have said that the cycles are at the very foundation of the universe itself. This means that they play a significant part of our lives as humans just as it does in the existence of everything that exists. This means that we must function in cycles to if we are going to follow God’s order. Man has a set of activities that must be performed at certain times of the day routinely. At night we go to sleep, in the morning we wake up. This is repeated every day and forms a cycle that is responding to the larger cycle that we are a part of. Periodically we eat and the food goes through a cycle—this we must continue to do if we are going to exist. The one who breaks the cycle soon will find himself slowly falling out of the larger cycle unless he restores himself back to the cycle. Once in a month, a woman will have her period over a certain number of days. When this doesn’t happen we know something is wrong.

There are cycles that we all go through in your occupations. This daily engagement in a cyclical manner is what accumulates into your overall existence. So that your performance within the seconds determines your performance in the minutes and hours. How much you accomplish daily will influence how much you accomplish in a year and ultimately your entire life. The students maximize his learning opportunity by attending the set classes completely. One class missed makes him one lesson short and he is not the best student it can be. Those who seek to maximize their lives must therefore pay attention to the endless number of cycles around him. He must understand these cycles enough to find his perfect place within it and learn the ways in which it can be maximized.

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