Nkrumahist know not the Philosophical Consciensism

From a performance perspective, Kwame Nkrumah represents self-belief; a key asset in any high performer’s toolbox. He was a genius of a thinker and a quintessence of the application of thought (a rare thing in our part of the planet). This he appeared to have done consciously;

“Theory is empty without practice and practice is empty without theory”

“Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought”.

In a recent exercise on Facebook, I observed keenly as many of our learned Ghanaians listed their top ten books. None of them mentioned the philosophical conciensism as an important book. On occasions like today when the discussion of Nkrumahism has been the focus of the media, I have thrown questions from the book to the so-called Nkrumahist and returned zilch. It appears nobody wants to discuss the one book that captures the very crux of Nkrumah’s philosophy. For the most part, the discussions revolve around the fragmented outward manifestations of his thinking.   It beats my imagination how a nation like ours expects to develop without the slightest understanding of the every thought framework that gave birth to it. This is comparable to Richard Dawkins studying God’s creation without understanding God. He will never run out of questions and he has no real idea where he is headed.

The one thing that caught my attention as my untrained mind wondered through the maze of a very complex philosophical framework was structure. It seemed Nkrumah was a fanatic of structure and this was expressed in his very methods. Once he had laid a pipe, he doesn’t depart from it.

“We face neither East nor West: we face forward”.

Anyone who has spent some time on this blog already knows how I feel about structure. In a coming article I shall explore how structure was birthed at the very beginning of God’s creation. If my proposition is correct, then Nkrumah’s legacy was built on the Christ performance methodology- the very essence of which is the Structure theory.

In the meantime I shall point you to another blogger who obviously has done more detail work on the Philosophical Consciensm. 

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