Evidence of underperformance in supreme court

The ongoing case in the Supreme Court is useful in that, it lays bare the typical Ghanaian attitude towards work, duty obligation and standards. Or should I say the African Attitude. The amount of errors is beyond reason and it shows that people simply didn’t do what was expected of them. It is a mindset problem and it cuts across almost everything we do. It explains why we don’t have water and electricity even with all the resources available to us.
What do you do and how well do you do it? For those who think they can just do things and no one will know, think again. 
You name could pop up in the Supreme Court.
Our average is below standard- Fact.
We seldom meet deadlines and standards- Fact.
We always need double and triple supervision- Fact.
Most of us function at 35% of our true potential- Fact
We take details for granted- Fact
We are low on integrity
We worry when the bar is raised
We never expect the best from leadership
We never show up on time, never deliver
We are afraid to challenge ourselves and the status quo- Fact! Fact! Fact! Fact! Fact!

The list is endless but we are not going to just sit there and do nothing. It is time to shift gears. Every month The CSD with the support of our partners will train and 500 young people on peak performance across the nation and soon the continent.

We welcome help from sponsors, partners, and volunteers who are concerned enough to help cause change. What we need is a major shift and it is going to take work. You can start by participating or recommend the program to any person you know who is 30 and below and let us introduce them to what performance is, why it matters to them and how to be their best at all times.

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