The blurred line between walk and talk

Any kind of mismatch is discord- the absence of harmony and the result is always negative. After the talk, there must be a walk and the two must match each other or output will suffer. Between the two however, the line can be very blurred for some. An alignment of the two makes full power performance possible. It is the presence of integrity which is the manifestation of a powerful structure.

You may be familiar with the phrase “talk is cheap”. Perhaps it should be followed by “walk is expensive”. Not everyone who talks the talk, walks the talk and there is a reason why. It appears though that everyone understands the importance of the talk. But a misapplication of the talk is to seek to create an image that cannot be backed by the walk that must follow. Read through a few resumes and you will see that everyone is highly efficient and willing to learn. They are all adoptive and have great interpersonal skills.  They are all great achievers and have done something wonderful for their last employers. They all have the wonderful intention of making a mark in the new job. They are all interested in helping the company achieve its goals. Of course this is what employers want to hear but does it happen when they get the job?

The case is not different when you read through corporate profiles and websites. The promises companies make hoping to entice the new client are interesting. Whether they keep these promises when given the opportunity is another story altogether. Somehow we all know what the right language is. These days you can even copy it from the big firms who have the cash to employ top experts to do their communication. It is not that hard to get the language right. The brief case businessman can sound as good as the multinational but that’s just the talk.

When they get the chance to walk the talk, then there is a misalignment. The consequence for this is extremely damaging. But of course the reason behind this is the lack of understanding of the self and its capabilities. Those who hire us for a job whether we are staff or contractors want one thing– high performance.  And since we know this we promise them that only to deliver average and less than average most of the times.

A person who wants to maximize their existence must deliver what they say and even exceed it. The reason is that to maximize our lives we need to maximize the opportunities it presents to us. To do this the integration between what we say we are and what we really are must be seamless. The line must begin to blur into nonexistence. Walk and talk are not love and hate. The talk must come from the walk. And when the two match, you deliver on promises and you have enough room for going the extra mile. Get that right and you won’t need a resume for your next job. The job will find you. When the internal you is aligned with the external you, an extremely potent force emerges- that’s what you need for full performance.

It is possible for everyone to walk the talk but the talk must start with a careful assessment of what we are truly capable of. We must build the talk around that and find exactly who it is that has a need for our true capability.

The following questions help check your levels.

Are there any gaps between your talk and your walk and how can it be addressed?

What do you think can be done to align the internal you and the external you into one powerful force?

Explain what you understand about the internal and external you?

How does it relate with the external you?

What will others who have experienced your performance say to others about you and how does that match what you say about you?

Do you really believe what you say about you?

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