Perform for money: YES you can! Part 1

I almost got into trouble recently arguing as usual about what is ethical when it comes to money. In the last few days I have had to ask myself a few questions in order not end up with an incredibly biased article. What I believe should be irrelevant at this point- indeed I am myself involved in a few money making ventures of my own. I  cannot deny its importance.

The debate about the importance of money is getting old and boring in fact. Since a majority of us are now arguing in favor of money maybe it is not a bad thing to be money conscious. Maybe we should accept it and look into how performance can play a role in our attempt at making money. 

They say that you can’t do anything without money these days. In church, money answereth all things and some even put forward very interesting paradoxical arguments justifying why pastors must be rich. What is the real reason why people spend their last pennies in church?  I believe it is because they are hoping the lord will bless them with more money. And is there anything wrong with the church asking for money given that they are providing a valuable service to the congregation. I mean if the congregation didn’t think the service valuable and worth it then why are they there in the first place. They must be getting something they are happy with right? I d like to think; Yes! So out with that argument: if you like it pay for it and pay what you believe it is worth. After all, not all pastors earn the same figures. It is one market and every player gets their share according to their input- i.e. performance. Even pastors and churches must be concerned with performance.

The idea is simple: money is but a reward for service rendered in one way or another. Secondly it is a medium of exchange- meaning that you only need it because it enables you to do other things that you believe will bring you happiness. In fact it is the happiness factor that you are after when you set out to make money. So here is a question: how much money will you make before you decide you have enough? I mean the likes of Donald Trump are still trying to make money. Research says that it is an endless journey for those who worry about money. Who doesn’t worry about money? You will be amazed!

In performance theory the happiness you seek can come from performing a certain activity. The trouble is that most people haven’t figured out what this activity. I should add that it is different for everyone. Those who have found the right activity to engage in; experience a feeling that that last longer than sexual orgasm yet has a similar effect. Those who experience this phenomenon performing this activity also make money performing this activity because they are usually the best at it. And because the feeling they derive from performing this activity they do it more often than others. That also means they get more practice than others making them the best at it. These are the high performers of society.

It should be clear at this point that those who say they seek money and are not interested in my kind of rhetoric must first seek to improve their performance. When performance improves, everything else improves. If you want to earn six figures, then give six figure performances. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. There is more of course to this matter. Look out for the part two. |REV-UP®

Some questions you can use to check your levels. Email the answers to to join our no-obligation,  one month free performance coaching program.

What is your current occupation and are you earning enough?

Which comes first; is it the money or the means by which you earn it?

How much money will be enough and what will you do after you have enough?

If you receive a billion today, will you continue in your current occupation and why?

How would you compare your performance to those who have a similar occupation but are earning more than you?

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