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When you set a goal you have created a gap that will continue to dwell between you the goal until you fill it with your actions or life fills up for you. And if you think a gap is nothing, think again. Imagine what the world would be like with the number Zero and please do not say zero is nothing and therefore not a number. The change it brought to our number system is groundbreaking. So gaps are something in themselves. In fact they can be obstacles if you let them.

However it is space that your actions fill in an effort to build the stepping stones or the bridge that will take you to the destination you have in mind. The proponents of the law of attraction seem to imply that we must not worry about the in between. All we must do is to hold the goal in mind long enough for it to be realized leaving the “hows” to the mysterious universe.

If you have seen the movie “the secret”, you will recollect Jack canfield (co author of chicken soup for the soul series) saying that when he set the hundred thousand dollar goal, he had already written a book waiting to be published. Long and short of the story: he soon found or should I say attracted a publisher who gave him a cheque for a hundred thousand dollars. The thing is, he was prepared and had a product worth a hundred thousand dollars as the book turned out to be a bestseller. So it makes sense that the magic of the universe will deliver a hundred thousand dollars to him. I am wondering what the universe would have done if he hadn’t written the book. Before all of this he had given a talk at a workshop after which he was interviewed by a journalist from an influential magazine. Somehow that is how he got connected to the publisher.

It seems to me that gap between the goal and you are filled based on a number things. Among them are what you are and what you have are key components. A completed book, presentation in a workshop and a publisher are stepping stones to a hundred thousand dollars that has been visualized and designed on a one dollar note. There must be a thousand and one ways of reaching a hundred thousand dollar goal so why the publishing of the book? I am guessing it will be easier for the universe to use what you have to get you where you need to get. Something that raises a big question for purpose.

But what happens when we set a goal and have absolutely nothing in hand. How does the universe fill the gap we create? I am suspecting that the universe will look for something to use and I am suspecting that it might take a hard look  at us and what we are interested in as well as the things we cherish the most. It will probably take a close look at what our values are and start creating circumstances around them. 

This is when the random life begins. When a person who doesn’t have a job or a means of earning a living decides they want a BMW 5 series and dream about it every day and even make a vision board about it because they have seen the law of attraction movie, the universe doesn’t have a choice but to fill in the gap with little information to work with. Opportunities or Trapportunities begin to appear:

A brand new BMW X5 series parked by the road with engine running with key in ignition begins to look like an opportunity. In the absence of values, you might just drive it off thinking your prayer has been answered.  Well… even the law of attraction requires some guidance in order to do its job. It needs the codes in order to determine how to fill in the gap and unless you provide these codes, it will fill in the gaps with some not so good materials. The law doesn’t appear to think much.

This is why a person may achieve something that only brings trouble later down the line because of how they have done it. Of course all things are possible but out of the endless pages of life’s catalogue what will you choose? The answer is in purpose. It is when you are focused in a very certain direction guarded by the knowledge of what you will -and will not do that goal gaps are filled with the right stepping stones.

It is a bit like what happened on my front lawn when I just left it there for the weed to grow and overgrow. Very soon I was visited by a snake who of course found my front lawn super attractive. I didn’t want the snake there; I just didn’t do the things that keep snakes away. To be honest every time I walked past the lawn, I always got the thought, “what if a snake is hiding in there”. It seems I may have attracted the snake by thinking exactly what I didn’t want.  How it got there has everything to do with my actions and inactions and I couldn’t tell you who decided the in between.

So what is the point here: the goal gaps you create will be filled with stepping stones which resonate with your own person and values? When you have purpose, life can only respond to you through that purpose filling your goal gaps with the right stepping stones. If you are a musician who wants to make a million in five years, it becomes believable because somehow, you know that if you could make an album, you have increased your chances to reach that goal. Law of attraction then finds it easy to fill in your gaps and eventually lead you to your goal and all of this will be painless.

If you know anything about the law of attraction then you probably know that it requires belief to work. I believe that your honest believe in the ability achieve a goal will largely depend on your own capability. Where it is not up to scratch you will have some difficulty authenticating your own belief. Belief itself has a way of activating you into action. Sometimes before you even think about it and those actions contribute to filling the gaps.

Your goal gaps will be filled but you do have a say in what it is filled with, you say it with your purpose and your value system and life will respond accordingly. You live life, life doesn’t live you. You develop your own philosophy for it. You see it through your own eyes and it responds to you according to you. It fills your goal gaps with the right stepping stones for you. What does this have to do with Peak performance? Ask me later. REV UP at http://revupblog.blogspot.com/

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