For Performance, Try True Love

If your life was a house, love will be the mortar that holds the bricks together. With that, it cannot be very hard to see that without love your life will fall apart. It is the very essence of your being and also the most efficient fuel for your performance. To get the best out of yourself therefore, you must inject love into all aspects of your life. The more love you inject the better results you will get from work, relationships and the entire spectrum of your life. Ultimately, love has everything to do with your performance.

If you have been reading my other works, you are probably already familiar with the ultra-performance model of powering your life with your occupation- the one thing that takes most of the short time you have on planet earth. Love comes in very handy in terms of powering your occupation and that’s the focus of this article. 

Anybody who is good at anything has a very significant amount of love for what they do. It is the only reason they will spend more time doing that thing than anybody else. It is just like falling in love with another person and wanting to be around them all the time. If you truly love this person they will not have to beg you to be around them. The feeling you have even when you think about them can make you smile for no apparent reason. Now that feeling is a powerful force that when managed and applied the right way can catapult your performance to the peak.

Because true love is a mutual thing, your vocation will give you something back in return for all the time and attention give it. But for this to be possible you need to understand that you do not only choose the person you want to be with. This person must choose you too or there will be imbalance. When one person is pretending in the relationship, it is a matter of time before it shows and it can only lead to discord. Love is harmony between two people (or perhaps at this point I should use the word entities) but only when it is mutual.

The more you love it the more it will love you back and give you its rewards. When the feeling is right, you will spend so much time with this vocation that you will learn its secrets. The depth of your knowledge will certainly set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Soon everyone thinks you are the best at it. Just like a human, the more time you spend with somebody there more you know about them. So when others want to know something about this person, they must ask you. This is what makes you important.

Love is a positive force that produces positive results. If you have been to a home where there is a lot of love, you will feel it as soon as you walk in. It has the power of transforming negativity into positive.  To be the best that you can be, you must ensure that the relationship between you and your profession is love and that it chose you as much as you chose it- making your relationship a mutually beneficial and harmonious one. You must ensure that you and your profession understand each other in detail and you know how to treat her better than anybody else. The extent of the love you put into the relationship will determine how much you will get out of it. But be careful, when love trips over, it becomes obsession. Believe me; you do not want that.

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How did you choose your current occupation?

What is the nature of your relationship with your current occupation?

What percentage best describes how much you love your occupation?

What do others think about your performance in your occupation?

What is the nature of the gap between you and the best people in your industry?

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