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Clichés have a very strange way of entangling your legs and hindering your movement. The result is that you are unable to reach your destination. The first cut is the deepest is one of such clichés.  The truth is that they are real only if you say they are and since many of us have come to accept them, the subconscious mind just responds to them and we behave accordingly, often to our own underperformance.
You may have heard the saying: Life is what you make it, possibly my favorite of all the clichés. Well that’s because it is a useful one- an asset. We must begin to understand these statements enough to decipher the good from the bad and get rid of the ugly. Let me remind you that we function on information as humans; and therefore it is what we internalize as useful that determines what we become. You might have heard the saying, “you are what you think” or better yet, you are more of what you choose to believe. What we believe is purely a matter choice.
That the first cut is the deepest makes it hard or even impossible to heal simply because you have decided it is the deepest. In real life you might find that the cut gets deeper with the subsequent cuts. But I am not advocating that you even consider any cut whether emotional, mental or physical so deep that it feels it has a right not to heal. Those first cuts are not the deepest until you decide they are. If they are negative cuts therefore, you might want to decide they are not the deepest.
Money belief is full of these harmful clichés that are a drain on performance. Talk to the belief experts and they will tell you that simple things like “money does not grow on trees”, “money is the root of all evil”, “money is hard to come by” have become the financial demons that haunt the lives of many simply because they have been programmed to think this way.
They have not learnt the principles of abundance and how life itself gives wastefully as in how we see a grain of corn evolve into thousands.  If you understand that you are functioning on this information that has become a part of your flesh and hence your body acts accordingly before you think about it, you have found the key to unlocking your performance. You have freed yourself from the entanglement of such clichés that actually disturb your performance.
Money does grow on trees and you always get a second chance to make a good impression. Which would you prefer? Make a good first impression and then be seen for the not so good that you really are at a later time or make a not so good an impression and later be seen to be much better than thought. It seems to me the latter will mean progress and the former, the opposite. Very often this is what motivators will preach to that young graduate who is getting ready for a job interview. Be the best at the interview and get in. Coaches also teach you the tricks with which you can get in. After that you consistently struggle to stay in and every time there is talk about raising standards you are in trouble.
The point is not to make a bad impression and hope it gets better. When you are yourself you are consistent. One must ensure that the self is developed to the right standard so that all impressions whether first or one hundredth are good all the time. That will be the, mark of a true performer. Don’t forget peak performance lies in being more of what we are therefore it cannot be inconsistent. It is the natural course of things.
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  1. Points well said my brother!

  2. Good to see you again Amira. 5 more posts coming up for this week and I am really working hard an e book for free downloads. I think you might like it. 🙂

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