Rabbits just don’t fly

Of course everything is possible but what are you going to do? That’s the part most people don’t get. They assume they have not been able to move mountains because they don’t have faith the size of a mustard seed. That’s true but you know what, Jesus himself did not move any mountains. Don’t get me wrong, I know what he meant by moving mountains and it is certainly not to be taken literal.

 But is everything really possible? I will be a typical Ghanaian and answer that with a question. Can a rabbit fly? Yes/ No/ Maybe. Err uncertainties eh!  Maybe with some evolution over several trillions of years it might grow some wings but that’s a bridge we will have to cross when we get to it? My guess is no. So seriously it might be foolish for a rabbit to even consider flying at all. For now though it is an absolute absurdity to ask a rabbit to fly. But if it gets to learn how to fly, can expect it to fly better than an eagle or even a robin? Frankly I don’t see the point as we have so many varieties of birds we can’t even keep track. To have a flying rabbit that does a terrible job will be an exercise in futility. Perhaps even a waste of the tax payer’s money if you know what I mean.
Nevertheless a flying rabbit can be interesting to see and probably be ground breaking but what will it take and how realistic is it? Does the rabbit believe this to be possible? Does it even know how it is possible? Will a flying rabbit make any difference in any life or what purpose will a flying rabbit serve? If you wanted a flying job done, will you turn to a flying rabbit or an eagle? If you can answer these questions you are free to stop reading now!

Choosing to do something should not simply be because we can do anything. Actually its is gross iresposibility to do things simply because we can do them. Consider the size of the catalogue life presents and see if you can do everything in it. I will give you a million years and you still won’t finish it. It is just too huge- and I am an optimist.
The ability to make things happen has several constituents and even steps. One of these constituents is confidence. If a person has no confidence they can do something, they don’t try and even if they do, they do it half heartedly and expecting negative result. Now half hearted you yourself will admit; does not translate into the kind of faith that is capable of moving mountains.

So where do we get confidence? “Self knowledge, Purpose and Experience just to name a few. If a person knows herself well enough it means she is clearly aware of what strengths and weaknesses she has. And believe me when I tell you; everyone has something. Unfortunately most people do not know what they have. But when they do find out, they change almost overnight. They start thinking differently and start acting differently because they start seeing themselves differently and a new door opens in their lives. Actually the door has always been there they just never noticed.
Soon enough, purpose shows her pretty face. Knowing one’s self leads to understanding of purpose to a reasonable degree. (I say reasonable degree because I have come to understand that most people need help in order to understand their purpose properly- but that’s a really good thing because then I have a job). Knowing your strengths and natural talent means being aware of your gifts and the combination of natural endowments, interests and skills and understand what you are going to use them for and even why. These are the numbers we need; to create the combination that unlocks the purpose chest that you are already sitting on. In case you didn’t know purpose is an incredible force that revs up your performance in any field of your choice.Once the purpose is discovered and understood properly the confidence goes above average. 

Now I know you are wondering about the experience part by now. That happens when we take action. If we choose an activity to involve in, our first experience with that activity is a make or break affair. If that activity happens to fall in line with our natural talents, we experience a fair amount of success and this is very important no matter how small. That’s when we hear the expression,”I think she is a natural”.
 The little successes then become the fuel which powers us to carry on. As we experience small successes, we start on a success mentality platform and cultivate success thinking which then a habit becomes. From then on, failure is unacceptable because we are used to success and we believe it is the only thing there is. With every engagement in this activity your level of confidence grows further because of experience and over a period of time we are seen as master of the game. Some argue that a period of ten years can get a person to their peak in any field but that’s another story for another day.

On the other hand a failure start and consistent failure will cultivate a failure mentality that kills confidence. A person who fails all the time approaches a task with the intention to fail (though he may not be aware of this) because he has programmed the subconscious mind this way. In my line of work we call it a failure mentality. No mountains can move this way on failure mentality because it lacks the faith needed.
In this sense all things are possible but not all things are possible for you. Life itself provides us with guidelines as to how to live it and it was us to play a role- not all roles. The way I see it, it is supposed to be stress free and almost effortless venture. Some plants thrive well in some types of soil and struggle on others. Yet when the right seed falls on the right soil, it grows effortlessly bringing forth abundantly and wastefully. This is no coincidence.

 Those who believe that God created everyone and everything for a purpose must understand that the power to move mountains rest within the purpose. So until you find it, forget the mountain because you could be trying to move the wrong mountain. Not to perform the function for which God created you must be the height of all disobedience. Consider the parable of the talents. 

If you happen to be a rabbit, it is possible to consider what new and creative ground breaking out of the box thinking you can do on the ground. Perhaps you could be the one rabbit that decides that carrots can be combined with lettuce to make a more nutritious meal. Or you could create a trap for humans so they can get a taste of their medicine and make rabbit trapping a thing of the past.  The opportunities around you to be the superstar you want to be are limitless but you can only see them when you look through the rabbit’s eyes. A bird’s eye will show something that is only useful to a bird. 

Motivational speakers will tell you a lot, but listen wisely. Because a simple statement like anything is possible could be the source of all your problems. To be the best you have tomore of what you already are but thats another story for another day.

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  1. I hope you will continue to write because I enjoyed your post very much. It gave me a lot to ponder. Building a business is not easy yet I know it is not impossible because people do it everyday. Will a rabbit fly…who knows…I do know though…that one day I will sore…and that you will too…smiles. Keep up the great work and God bless!

  2. I am really glad you stopped by. If you are building a business, you are doing the right thing… knowing you are doing the right thing could be enough to keep you on the journey. It may not be easy but it could be fun. I will continue to write thats for sure. Thanks a million

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