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When a vehicle pulls into a gas station, they are looking for fuel for performance. Often the quality of fuel we get from the supplier can determine the quality of performance. People are vehicles too and one of the several fuels that we function on is information. Correct information engenders correct performance and vice versa and for this reason one may want to pay attention to the information we accept into our systems.
This is why motivational speakers can be very useful yet extremely harmful in another breadth. Do not be surprised as everything is like a two edge sword. It is useful only when used correctly. On the other hand what is supposed to be a good thing can become harmful if applied wrongly. Like the case of a knife; it is the hand that holds the knife that determines if a knife is good for killing or cooking. A knife is just a knife.
Motivational speaking and people are like gas stations and cars.  Cars are going to need to be refueled every time to keep going. They stop functioning when the gas runs out. It is pretty much the same with people and their favorite motivational speakers. They will pay anything to hear their favorite speaker and it is usually worth it because they will leave there highly charged and ready to move into action on one venture or another.
They are quick to put pen to paper and start writing goals and objectives down because that’s what the speaker had said will help. Of course it is a good thing except; most of these goals never get achieved and the end result is an increased frustration. In a few months they are going to need refueling to go and start on another project.
They have been throwing punches in the dark and nobody wins that way. Punches that don’t have a purpose behind then don’t win a fight. Let me emphasize here that everyone has only one fight.
Goal setting is one of the dangers associated with motivational speakers. They simply tell us to go and set goals and write them on paper. They tell us to break it down into smaller goals and tackle them one after the other. Every where there is motivational speaking you are likely to encounter goals and how it is the only way one can achieve their aims. Goals don’t get achieved simply because they were written down and they are precise and even broken down into smaller goals.  Those are just some of the many attributes a goal should have. There is a rule to the goal game and people are going to have to learn that at some point in time if they are going to achieve anything at all. 
What motivational speakers can never do for you in one session is to help you to understand yourself enough to decide on what your goals should be and why you should choose certain goals and not others. We all know that goals must be specific but based on what? Often there are countless number of things we can do but what goes into deciding the one thing we must choose for the limitless choice in front of us. 
In church one of the most inspiring statements yet possibly the most dangerous is the bible quote “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. When we say this, we must be quick to point out that even though all things are possible through Christ, he does not want us to do all things as by example he did not do all things. He had a clearly identified a mission and he followed it through till it was accomplished. It is when the going gets tough in that mission that he had turned to his father for counsel and inspiration. This way the inspiration was useful as it fires the purpose driven goal.
As general rule; people who believe that they have been put on this planet by God for a purpose must know that they need to know what this purpose is and their goal must be in line with this purpose. Anything short of that is a disobedience of God or as we say in ultra-Performance® a system error.
So while it is a good thing to have a favorite speaker and yes you should pay for his service, you must understand that it is not the most important thing as the fuel you get from the will run out at some point. You must also understand that it is impossible for the speaker understand you your experience especially where he is speaking to thousands of people at the same time. You must understand that he can only provide fuel and cannot tell you exactly how to drive your vehicle and where to drive it to. You must also understand it is going to take more than being inspired to achieve goals.
Purpose is the key thing to be considered before one even decides on a goal. Having a purpose makes the most of the inspiration from your motivational speaker.
When we fail at something too many times, inspiration burns out faster. Goals can become negative when they are consistently not achieved. It takes away the belief that things are achievable. Psychologists have told us that repetitive failure ends up creating a failure mentality. When this happens, a person will set a goal because they have to but subconsciously, they know it won’t be achieved. Frustration increases, Hope begins to lose grounds to apathy. The mind becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of negative elements and the persona is destroyed.
In the mean time you are being told that all things are possible and that anything you put your mind to you can achieve. You nod your head in agreement and you even scream halleluiah but subconsciously you have decided it is not going happen. But you have to try, what else is a living human being going to do. You run around in circles needing motivation every time.
Having the right purpose and the right goals has a way of activating your self motivation system, something that we all have and must find. Most of the highly accomplished individuals have this as standard. They find a reason to do things from within and any external motivation or inspiration from a speaker or an external source is just a useful bonus. This breed are like self powering vehichle that knows how to generate its own fuel not really needing to be fuelled at a gas station.
But are we not forgetting something? The extent of your belief or faith determines whether your goal can be achieved or not. If you have no faith you have almost nothing.  You must therefore as a matter of urgency eliminate anything, circumstance or even persons that drains you of your belief fuel and failing consistently at something is perhaps one of to consider first. It is time for some introspection don’t you think?

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